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Four seasons of audio adventures have been produced so far - click on the season links to get started.


Seasons One and Two are now available and include the first twelve Planet Skaro audio plays. The first two of which - Echoes of the Protii and Soap of Fatal Death have never been available to download before. Each story includes extra features which were previously only available on the CD version of the story. So click the "Season One" or "Season Two" icons to get started and keep checking back as there is a lot more to come over the next few months. Including more brand new stories as Season Four continues.


Season Four

Almost five years ago (on Earth temporal scale) the Planet Skaro Audios Doctor, along with his friends Nick, Rob and Ed, began a series of adventures in Time and Space, fighting Protii and Daleks, thwarting evil villains like the Toymaker and Tor Garane and avoiding the clutches of harridan Vera Jundrey and her randy Grandson Scott. But on to Unfinished Business...

The Planet Skaro Audios are back with a brand new Season of adventures. But this time there really is everything to play for - the stakes are upped. We will journey back through time to discover a terrible secret at the heart of Nick's mysterious upbringing... we will find out how the Doctor's travels with loyal Edward Bradley come to an end... and we will meet old friends and enemies as the Doctor meets his ultimate challenge, in the most epic Planet Skaro Audio Adventure of them all. A journey of Hellos... and Goodbyes....