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With Nick and Rob dropped off on Peladon for a while, the Doctor took time out to travel alone for a while, encountering a space tree and Edward Bradley along the way in Heart of the Haniad.

Ed Bradley also features in the follow up, Heist!, in which the Doctor tried desperately to get the TARDIS back from the Zunestra Collection, having to team up with the mysterious Jann Cordelis against conman Byron Zunestra. This is the last adventure with Ed for now, but there are more planned for 2009.

Set some time after the Doctor's travels with Ed, The Doctor, Rob and Nick came up against the enigmatic Tor Garane and his plans with The Paradise Machine. The Doctor has picked up Rob and Nick from the travelling break they took at the end of The Christmas Gnomes.

The classic TARDIS team returned towards the end of Summer 2008 in a historical adventure titled The Curse of Ratanapura, which saw the Doctor answer a call from the Space Time Telegraph to the remote Isle of Skye on New Year's Eve 1899. The next story, Eye of the Daleks, saw them caught up in a war between the Daleks and the Krotons. For Children in Need, there was a special 15 minute episode Many Happy Returns made available for download, which featured Nick and Rob trying to organise a birthday celebration for the Doctor, and bringing back many familiar faces from previous stories.

Christmas Spirits, a feature-length episode featuring the return of an old enemy was released on December 20th 2008 and concluded the second season.

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