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The third season of adventures from Planet Skaro Audios will be the most ambitious yet, having been in production since Summer 2008. The first episode of the season, A Baron For All Seasons, was the first ever Doctor-less episode, and reintroduced the characters of Tor Garane and the Baron of Boralis. The story was continued in the next story, Blood Money, which saw the Doctor, Rob and Nick travel to Earth in the midst of the Boralan and Skraith war - and the Doctor forced into a deadly alliance with Tor Garane in order to stop the ruthless Skraith from destroying the entire planet.

Edward Bradley returned in the next story, The Hand of Peace by Jon Masters, which saw the Doctor combating an old foe on Earth, while trying to help an old friend. This story featured the return of the Mara, and the first appearance of U.N.I.T in a Planet Skaro Audio adventure.

Lissa Levesque's Wealth of Craytians followed, in which the Doctor and Ed were caught up in a very unusual war between the Craytians and the Shroon. Rob and Nick returned for the close of the season, The Kalrexi Mutation, which featured what appeared to be a new incarnation of the Doctor.

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