• PSAudios 2.1. Heart of the Haniad

    Doctor Who
    Paul Monk and Martin Penny star in

    Heart of the Haniad
    By Steven Alexander, produced by Si Hunt
    The Doctor is in trouble! No sooner has he dropped his friends Nick and Rob off for some solo adventuring, than the TARDIS lands him on the spaceship of ailing pilot Edward Bradley. The problem is, Ed can't even keep a date with his girlfriend Jenny, let alone avoid the hideous space faring organism that's suffocating his ship!

    The Doctors problems mount when he discovers that the ruthless Space Merchant Uxan-rani-us Hol-toy-toy Mal-phas-ius Gak-ra-throne Gemini the four-hundred and sixteenth Beep (Uxan, to friends and acquaintances) is also nearby. And he's given Edward Bradley the time it takes to say his name again to clear the space-ways... or be blown out of the sky.

    Can the Doctor help his new friend Ed avoid death? What lies at the root of the strange tree in space? And why is Uxan so interested in a mysterious creature the rest of the Universe has long since forgotten?

    Episode 1

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    Episode 2

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    Bonus Features

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    A Day In The Studio with Si Hunt and Paul Ballard

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    Cast List
    Doctor Who - Paul Monk
    Edward Bradley - Martin Penny
    Uxan - Paul Ballard (P-Bal)
    Grexos - David Barnes
    Computer Voice - Simon Hart
    Chi-Haniad - Phillip Madeley
    Written - Steven Alexander
    Produced - Si Hunt
    Cover - Pip Madeley

    Originally released Part One 12th July 2008, Part Two 18th July 2008

    Front Cover
    (click for larger version)

    Recording Photos

    Heart of the Haniad was written over a long weekend. Si Hunt phoned Steven Alexander and asked him to write a new story that introduced a new companion, to be played by Martin Penny. After a bit of head scratching and a few days thinking, Steve agreed to take the challenge and Si was able to hang up the phone - he's still paying off the bill for that one .

    The idea from the story came from writing down a few random words on a bit of paper. 'Giant' 'Space' and 'Tree'. The other aim was to make the production as difficult as possible. So the story featured all kinds of freaky sci-fi stuff going on - from space-cars racing down the branches of a giant tree to a monstrous being tearing it's ribcage open.

    The character of Edward Bradley evolved out of other TV companions. The idea was for the Doctor to turn up and annoy the new companion, while at the same time saving his life and making friends. This set off a slightly peevish relationship between the two.

    In an early version of the script, Wayne Jeffries was to play Grexos, with Ant Williams as the Chi-Haniad.

    The inspiration for the 'jazzy' music at the start of Episode 1 came from "The Chase" and it's tinkly-jazz leanings. When the TARDIS goes wrong in the same episode, the idea was to parody the scene in "The Horns of Nimon" when the Doctor's ship similarly fails and makes sounds including a horn and a fire engine. Si Hunt relished creating his own version, including a baa-ing sheep. "I always try and push against the perceived vision of the writer," babbled Hunt, with a gleam in his eye. "In other words to annoy them."

    P-Bal swept into studio to record his lines in a big hat, and relished changing the script as much as possible. There are out-takes lasting several hours while he initially tried to pronounce his characters name, and to this day when asked to perform in PlanetSkaro Audios he is heard to loudly ask "is it going to be another one like that one with the Tree? What was that all about?".

    David Barnes recorded his lines remotely, with plenty of passion. The sounds of the tree all came from an ancient Sound Effects CD - "I was going for a comic strip feel," said Si Hunt. "You know, like in Polly the Glot, the idea of a huge organism sort of swimming through space... maybe howling, like a Whale. All very Original Star Trek, too."

    This story originated the "Computer Voice of the Future" that was eventually to be introduced as the character Nathaniel Westbridge in "Blood Money".

    Listener Response
    "Well done to all concerned, a great start to the season, and I'm looking forward to the Doctor's adventures in Logop-- sorry, in a Megropolis (oh yes - Ed's To Do list made me laugh too). Tree-mendous!"
    Andrew Curnow

    "Just listened to it. Good stuff! Well done to the 'new' cast members Penny, P-Bal & Barnes. I must admit, i did think the scenes on the bridge of Uxan's ship were especially good. Complete with the music & sound effects, it all sounded quite a professional production, & even strangely had the feel of an early to mid Tom story about it, somehow."
    Wayne Jefferies

    "The cast are all on top form (and I really like the character of new companion Ed, as well as P-Bal and David as the villains of the piece) and the script made me laugh a good few times too. As mentioned above "You crushed my flowers" was a brilliantly delivered line!"
    Alex Finch

    "I just want to say one thing Dallas, sometimes people can be creatively edited to sound less affable than they are. I'm breezy, BREEZY you hear? And I love everyone. And it was a joy to take part in the wonderful audio adventure Doctor Who and the Cart of the Hanniard."

    Quote Unquote

    ED BRADLEY: Ah. Youíve got a basic problem with comprehension, havenít you? Look matey boy, this ship is a Fiat Marvel! Roadtested niftiest runnier on Top Flight six seasons running. I donít have Ďinstrumentsí, I have a dashboard with a fuel gauge, speedometer and Video Screen, two Zyton Warp Motors and a furry dice. I could turn on the lights if you think itíd help!

    DOCTOR: I think it might. It looks like weíll have to use our most important instruments to tell us whatís going on then Ė our eyes and ears!

    ED BRADLEY: Sheesh, youíre irritating! Who are you anyway?

    DOCTOR: My nameís the Doctor. And before you ask, itís just the Doctor.

    ED BRADLEY: Fantastic. My nameís Edward Bradley. Iíve got two names you see.

    DOCTOR: Tell me exactly what happened here Mr Bradley.

    • This story 'Could be the new Timelash!' according to fan opinion.
    • At one point it was considered that the new companion could be a magical Space Imp that would cause all sorts of problems for the Doctor.
    • Due to the production schedules, this was recorded prior to Doctor Who and The Christmas Gnomes, but produced and released sometime after. There was almost a whole year between recording and it's eventual appearance online.
    • Gravitic Anomalisers, Mergin Nuts and Sonic Screwdrivers are available in all good branches of Space Halfords. They will also fit plasma cannons to your Ford Galaxy for a reasonable fee.
    • The cover is a montage of images, picked out in refreshing orange, showing the Doctor camping it up with new companion Edward Bradley, while sinister Grexos looks on. And in the corner... well, that's Fantom Films events organiser P-bal isn't it? No hiding that one. Hat!

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