• PSAudios 2.2. Heist

    Doctor Who
    Paul Monk and Martin Penny star in

    Written and produced by Simon Hart
    "Many have tried to gain access to the Zunestra Collection without my consent and I can tell you I had no qualms in dealing with them in the severest possible way!"

    Byron Zunestra: a conman apparently gone straight, with the finest collection of rare and unique objects. And Zunestra has just acquired some strange new delights for his collection,
    namely a jewelled pendant and a mysterious dark blue cabinet...

    Meanwhile Jann Cordelis has lost the Pendant of Norombra to Zunestra and needs to recover it to avoid shame and imprisonment at home, while The Doctor and his new friend Edward Bradley have made it to the New Harlow Megropolis, but the Doctor has lost his still-incapacitated TARDIS and Ed has somehow found himself standing in a field freezing his unmentionables off! Everything is set for a Heist!

    Will Ed emerge triumphant from his job interview? Which man will Jann go home with? And can the Doctor retrieve both the Pendant of Norombra and the TARDIS in time for a slap up dinner at the Frillington?

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    This audio recording is (c) Planet Skaro 2008.

    Episode 1

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    Episode 2

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    Bonus Features

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    The Real Heist! Making of documentary

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    Cast List
    The Doctor - Paul Monk
    Edward Bradley - Martin Penny
    Jann Cordelis - Kathy Reidtmann
    Byron Zunestra - Michael Talks
    Mick Ridgewa - Si Hunt
    Administrator - Andrew Clancy
    Assistant - Alex Finch
    Guard 1 / Barman / Lift - Simon Hart
    Guard 2 - Steven Alexander
    Waiter - Dave Tudor

    Written, Directed and Produced by Simon Hart
    Originally Released Part One Saturday 26th July 2008, Part Two Saturday 2nd August 2008

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    Heist! came about when Si Hunt requested a new story from Simon Hart. Simon was keen to try writing a story on his own and set about coming up with a fast moving 2 parter for the summer 2008 season. The script was inspired by one of Simon's favourite TV shows, Hustle and would feature the Doctor and his companions trying to steal the TARDIS back from the highly protected vaults of a mad, larger than life collector.

    The script went through several versions. Initially it was to feature the original PS Audios team of Rob and Nick. The two companions were to have been teamed up throughout the story and would have featured Nick in the story's twist. However it was felt that there wasn't quite enough for the two of them to do, and that it would be good if the story featured new companion Edward Bradley instead. In the end Simon was very pleased to expand the relationship between the Doctor and Ed and especially enjoyed the writing the introductory TARDIS scene at the end of the tale.

    Simon was initially sceptical about doing two parters as he was worried there wouldn't be room for much plot. Simon says, “With a two parter you don't have time to waste setting up the story. It's best to get on with it as soon as you can. I like starting stories like that because it's far more intriguing for the listener I think.” Hart was only fairly happy with the script before recording though, and didn't feel it was up to the standard of his episodes of "Magical History Tour".

    "Heist!" was recorded on Saturday April 12th 2008, alongside The Paradise Machine. The story was recorded in story order, which was a first for the PS Audios. This was to give the acting a sense of urgency as it was hoped the cast would follow what was going on much better if it was recorded in order. Simon directed the story himself.

    This was the first story which Simon Hart undertook production duties for. He was very pleased with the performances from the whole cast, and especially with the easy chemistry between Paul Monk's Doctor and Martin Penny's Ed Bradley, which really brought the script to life in a special way.

    Production was completed on June 4th and was a fairly easy process. The episodes ran almost to their allotted running time and very few trims were made.

    To give sit a different feel to some other stories the story made use of music by Gershwin, (of whom the Doctor was a big fan apparently) along with some Rachmaninov for the restaurant scenes. The incidental music was made up of cues from Air, Neon Neon, Zero 7, Mylo and Blur among others.

    Of the production Simon says: ”I was really pleased with how the story came together in the end. I have to say the scene where Ed returns to the hotel room and meets the Doctor and Jann is my favourite of the entire story. It's just played to perfection and turned out even better than I imagined. There are some things I'd do differently if I did it again, for sure - mostly removing too many footsteps - but on the whole I'm happy.”

    "It's been a really enjoyable tale, great fun with some great moments, and well done to all concerned!!"
    Andrew Curnow

    "I have to say it was a joy to listen to. Every thing was well done on it. I like the way Ed was played and the way he was used by Jan and the security firm it was a bolt from the blue and very well done. Ever since the trailer I was waiting for the "whaaaaat," from Ed and I like it used when he saw the inside of the TARDIS for the first time. At first I actually thought the Doctor was going to leave Ed behind I'm glad he didn't"
    Cyber Chris

    Quote Unquote

    ED: Hmm, high electrified perimeter fences, cameras covering every angle, armed guards covering the gates and patrolling the grounds. It’s impossible! Why am I even here? “Ed,” he says, “you won’t mind going and checking out the house will you?”. “You’ll be less conspicuous than I would”, he says. So I end up in a muddy field, freezing my tits off while he enjoys a slap up dinner at the Frillington! Honestly I don’t know why I do it. Ever since I met that man it’s been one thing after another; first an encounter with an aggressive alien space tree, then he crashes my Fiat Marvel trying to land outside Halfords and then he blames me when his strange box thing gets nicked from right under his nose! And here I am in the middle of nowhere, talking to myself. (sighs)


    ZUNESTRA: Stop! That is simply exquisite! Magnificent!

    DOCTOR: What? Oh this old jacket of mine. Well, I have been told it’s a classic.

    ZUNESTRA: No one would dare wear something so outré out of their house. You’re either a fool or a member of the fashion cognoscenti… or maybe just a dangerous dissident. Looking at you, it’s difficult to know which.

    DOCTOR: Ahh, I’ve been all three at one time or another. As for which I am right now, I wouldn’t like to say.


    ZUNESTRA: At least it proved one thing- there’s no way in, for the moment. I wonder what it can be… (he reads) A Police Box, eh? Not an ordinary box… no run of the mill object feels like this does. No, this is something special. I’ve got to find a way to open these doors. (Shakes them again) There’s got to be something worth owning inside. Yes I will unlock all your secrets, Blue Box.


    GUARD 2: Come on your lordship, no hanging around. We’ve got some basic duties to take you through. Can you make a decent cup of coffee? We could all do with one…

    ED: Mocha-Choca-Cappuccinos with caramel dips and fondant fancies all round then fellas?


    ZUNESTRA: Ahh, your envy is understandable. I’ve spent many years putting it together, the finest collection of unique antiquities in the 12 galaxies. You’ll understand why I was immediately drawn to your jacket. 21st Century Earth if I’m not mistaken. The classic tailors Burtons I’d say.

    DOCTOR: You certainly know your haberdashery Mr Zunestra.


    DOCTOR: Welcome to the TARDIS Mr Bradley!

    ED: (shocked) But… it’s impossible… you can’t fit all this in that box!

    DOCTOR: That’s dimensional engineering for you. We’re in a dimension relative to the outer plasmic police box shell. The TARDIS is dimensionally transcendental!

    ED: And what does that mean then?

    DOCTOR: (Grinning) Well put in layman’s terms, it means it’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

    ED: I see. Oh my god, it’s bloody amazing!

    • Heist! follows directly on from "Heart of the Haniad", with mention of the Doctor crashing Ed's Fiat Marvel outside Halfords and then losing the TARDIS.
    • Edward Bradley formally becomes a new companion here as he's introduced to the TARDIS after being highly sceptical throughout the adventure about The Doctor's claims about his ship.
    • The Doctor and Ed stay in the Penthouse Suite of The Hotel Florana which features effervescent pools similar to those alluded to by the Doctor in Death to the Daleks. The Doctor listens to a lot of Gershwin's music in this adventure.
    • The Doctor's jacket is revealed to have come from the classic 21st century tailors, Burtons.
    • Ed pockets the Pendant of Norombra at the end of the story. No one knows yet whether that will come back to haunt him...

    Existing Material
    Original storylines and edits of the scripts still exist. All raw and edited sound files, music cues and sound effects for the story exist. These include some material cut from the final version of the story.

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