• PSAudios 3.5. The Kalrexi Mutation

    Doctor Who
    Alex Finch, Steve Alexander and Dave Tudor star in

    The Kalrexi Mutation
    Written and Produced by Si Hunt
    An aggressive alien jungle, teeming with strange squawking creatures... a tribe of sinister hooded strangers chanting for sacrifice... and a megalomaniacal Robinson Crusoe stalking through the trees. It is, to all intents and purposes, an ordinary day for the Doctor, Nick and Rob.

    But questions abound, as ever. Why is Rob plagued by dreams of chattering robots? Just how did the stranded outcast Professor Thraxton wind up on Kalrexi? And what's up with the monkeys?

    Then, deep in the jungle, the Doctor discovers that even a Time Lord can run out of time...


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    Episode 1

    Download PSAudios - 3.5.TheKalrexiMutation - Episode1.mp3

    Episode 2

    Download PSAudios - 3.5.TheKalrexiMutation - Episode2.mp3

    Bonus Extra - The Maze of Confusion

    Download PSAudios - 3.5X.TheMazeofConfusion.mp3

    Doctor Who - Alex Finch
    Rob - Steve Alexander
    Nick - Dave Tudor
    Professor Thraxton / Cowled Stranger - Simon Hart
    Communicator Voice - Si Hunt
    Robot Voices - Si Hunt/Si Hart
    Also Featuring - Paul Monk
    Maze of Confusion read by - Simon Hart

    Originally Released Episode 1 Saturday 27th June 2009, Epsiode 2 Friday 3rd July 2009

    (click for larger versions)




    This was always going to be a jungle-set story, but it was originally called The Monkeys of Kalrexi. The idea had been knocking around since at least November 2007, but took a while to realise.

    Si Hunt:
    The earliest script I have is dated May 2007 and is called "The Kalrexi Dilemma". It was written and tinkered with over a long period while I was at work, and always intended as a 'standby' script although I soon fell in love with it and wanted to make it. When we did the recording session for Eye of the Daleks and The Curse of Ratanapura in Bracknell, some of the key cast for Ratanapura were late arriving so I pulled out my script and we made it instead. And that's about it! There's not a very complex history to this one - written, whipped out and recorded, put together. After it was finished, I wrote several teaser scenes with Rob, Nick and the "fake" Doctor turning up in different locations which were inserted into the end of the various preceeding stories in the season to trail it. It looks like all the raw files and out-takes are still on my computer, as is the Trailer.

    After reading through the script in depth, Si Hunt also spotted a couple of things that are never explained (namely why the Clone-Thraxton's are of lesser intelligence and deeper voice, and how the TARDIS team can leave in the TARDIS at the end when the Omega Circuit is fused!) so he asked Paul and Steve to record an extra couple of lines at the following recording in November to explain away those things....

    Si Hart on CD extra The Maze of Confusion:
    Originally I was going to make more of the fact that nothing at all happens, but I sort of got bogged down in the low word count and didn't make use of that as I'd expected. I was going to have them thinking all sorts of things were going on around them and for it to turn out there wasn't anything. In the end it was just fun having them lost in the maze and coming together again to find their way.

    Listener Comments
    A very enjoyable episode I thought. I'm really enjoying Alex' portrayal of the Doctor, very cheery and quite different to Paul's - though I suspect he won't be an 'official' Doctor in the end, I think I'd quite like to see an Alex-Doctor story.
    Martin Penny

    I love the more than slightly camp Thraxton - "I COMMAND IT!" and the old 'evil laugh turned spluttering cough' were moments that made me smile. Nice to see the old mark four security droids back too!
    Part one is wonderful, with the monkeys and Thraxton doing their stuff. There's some great jokes throughout, more than a few lines made us chuckle! I think the problem is when we meet the 'Doctor' and he has to explain what's going on.

    Still, I loved the jungle drums feel to the whole thing and Thraxton's wonderful evil laughter! Alex was superb as an alternative Doctor too, slightly more patronising than Paul but still likeable. He had more of the arrogance of Pertwee, which was wonderful!
    Rob McCow

    I really enjoyed this, the performance's were great, the production superb as always, and the script is inventive and fun, with a lot of great lines. I didn't think it would be quite as comical as it was, what with the various musical cues on top of Si's superbly camp villain, but it works really well and makes for a unique PS audio. That said, I do actually think my own performance is a bit uneven - it was harder than usual, as I had to sort of be Paul's Doctor, but with slight hints of Crippen's original persona, and there are times I think I got it right, but others where it doesn't quite work as well.

    I'm honestly not looking for compliments (Some lines I think I delivered brilliantly! ) and I see it more of a learning curve to be honest, nobody's ever going to be perfect after all (though that said, Wayne's Dalek voices came pretty damn close). And the main thing is that I'm just greatful that I got the chance to be part of something that I think is an excellent production - so thanks to Si for writing it, and whoever the lovely souls were who cast and produced it this time.
    Alex Finch

    An excellent end to a great season - really liked Ep2, with its post-modern asides (did someone turn over two pages ), and the multiple Dr Thraxtons, and the clever way of getting multiple Doctors in the same story (and chances for spin offs and re-unions). Well done to Steve and Dave - although we've got used to their excellent performances its a tribute that they still make Nick and Rob interesting while staying true to thei characters.

    I think PS should be proud of producing proper DW - a huge variation in story type and tone, but undeniably just like the real thing. BF - be very afraid.....
    Jon Masters

    Quote Unquote

    ďDOCTORĒ: Itís Kalrexi! Iím sure Iíve been here beforeÖ in the past, or in the future, I canít quite remember!

    NICK: No change there then, youíre getting more and more absent minded in your old age Doctor!

    ďDOCTORĒ: Itís famous for the mythical Monkeys of Kalrexi, said to bewitch passing space travellers. But itís best not to believe everything you read in the Time Travellers Digest.

    ROB: Shall we just go, this doesnít look like my kind of place at all! Iíve never liked monkeys, ever since one grabbed hold of my unmentionables at Colchester Zoo!

    ďDOCTORĒ: Iím afraid we canít leave Rob! The Omega Circuit has fused.


    THRAXTON: My pills! I must have my pills!


    ROB: Aw, they look like funky monkeys to me, Doctor! [UNSCRIPTED]


    THRAXTON: That would be the most dreadful waste! No, they will be put to a much better use! As will youÖ

    ROB (hysterically): I knew it! Heís after my brain isnít he! Brain alteration is a terrible, terrible thing!

    NICK: Why would he want your brain? Unless heís got a desperate need for a comprehensive chronological list of Blue Peter presenters.

    THRAXTON: Itís not their brains I need, itís their bodies!

    DOCTOR: If you ever find yourself saying that sentence, believe me, itís not a good sign.


    ROB: Listen. I KNOW, okay?

    ďDOCTORĒ: Know what? Rob, what is it?

    ROB: I know you arenít the REAL Doctor! Because I remember! And Iíve no idea why Nick doesnít remember, or why I didnít, but I know now that you arenít the same Doctor I met back in Putney, and fought with against the Protii and the Exec and the MonoidsÖ itís got SOMETHING to do with that Balari Space Cruiser, I just know it! We had an adventure, but I canít remember all of it. Bits keep coming back to me! So just tell meÖ who are you?

    ďDOCTORĒ: Rob, I can assure you that I am the Doctor! The same Doctor who went on all those adventures with you. The same Doctor who loves Battenburg and who wiped out the second Skonnon Empire when he spilt tea on the console that time! And took you to meet Henry Eighth at Windsor and Sheryl Crow at Knebworth!

    • Si Hunt: How we let Steve get away with using the phrase "Heeby Mcjeebyingtons" in a PS Audio is beyond me!
    • Si Hunt again: In the scene with the monkey fight, Rob yells out "And that's for throwing s*** at my Mum!" I can't work out whether leaving that in would be absolutely hilarious or slightly offensive. Find out whether this profanity made it into the audio by listening carefully.
    • A special photoshoot was arranged for the cover, where Steven Alexander who plays Rob McCow held a big stick. Rob was originally meant to be photoshopped holding a proper weapon of some kind, until it was decided that holding a stick was a more Rob-like thing to do.
    • Si Hunt got the name Kalrexi from the spine of his Encyclopedia Kal-Rexi.
    • Si Hunt got the idea for Professor Thraxton by watching Si Hart glide across the floor and through the front door after drinking lots of beer.

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