• PSAudios 4.5. Asylum

    Doctor Who
    Paul Monk, Steven Alexander and Martin Penny star in

    By Martin Penny and Si Hunt, produced by Si Hunt
    "Trust me…after all, I am your best friend."

    Deep in an asylum, locked in a cell, is a man. They tell him he's a traveller in time and space... but he doesn't remember. Perhaps he will, with more treatment. Only the Director can help him, by plugging him into a strange Paradise Machine and helping him re-live his memories. Until then, in his cell he must stay. Alone.

    And far away, a gap into another Universe is opening. And it just might be the beginning of something terrible...

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    Episode 1

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    Episode 2

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    Episode 3

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    Doctor Who - Paul Monk
    Tor Garane/Ed - Martin Penny
    Rob - Steven Alexander
    White Guardian/Insectoid Skraith - Simon Hart
    Insectoid Skraith - Jonno Simmons
    Black Guardian/Rallik/Governess Prinkle
    and Emporor Salad
    - Si Hunt
    Byron Zunestra - Mike Talks
    Jan Cordelis - Kathy Monk
    Black Sam/Bonham - Andrew Clancy
    Killraxxians/Security Droids - Si Hunt and Martin Penny

    Written by Si Hunt and Martin Penny
    Produced by Si Hunt

    Originally Released Episode 1 Saturday 3rd December 2011, Episode 2 Saturday 10th December 2011, Episode 3 Saturday 17th December 2011

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