• PSAudios 5.0. Echoes of the Doctor

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    Doctor Who
    A prelude to the new series starring
    Brendan Jones

    Echoes of the Doctor
    Where is the Doctor?
    WHO is the Doctor?
    What happened in the Ritz?


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    Cast List
    Doctor Who - Brendan Jones
    Doctor Who - Paul Monk


    Si Hart:
    The idea for the episode itself was one of those things that came up at almost the last minute- certainly well after the rest of the season was planned. As you'll find out next week, the first proper story of the season begins with the Doctor thrown straight into the story and I felt that perhaps we needed to introduce him first... it was then that the irresistible idea of a handover story came to me.

    The idea of a past Doctor meeting his new incarnation was something I'd been toying with when the idea of regenerating Paul was first mooted. As regeneration has always been a visual idea I wondered how we could do it in a different audio way and this was my idea. In the end, we went with the traditional (and rightly so- it was a celebration of Paul's era) but with this being the start of something new, I felt we could do it the other way too. I like to think it complements the end of The Next Universe and gives you a glimpse of the new Doctor before Invaders From Oxford begins!

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