• PSAudios 5.6. Death on the Line

    Doctor Who
    Brendan Jones and Simon Hart star in

    Death on the Line
    By Steven Alexander
    Cambridge 1987.
    Spying, espionage, manipulation and betrayal.
    Don't answer the phones.


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    Episode 1

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    Episode 2

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    Cast List

    Alexander Graham Bell - Mackenzie Williams
    Thomas Watson - Michael Bousquet
    Thomas Sterling - Simon Hart
    The Doctor - Brendan Jones
    Frederick Ranklesmith - Ashley Culley
    Bernadette Adams - Ali Pearce
    Sir Clive Sinclair - Stephen Oakes
    George Bell - Tim Hawtin
    Howard Daley - Richard Brinck-Johnsen
    Mike Churchley (Receiver) - Charles Christopher
    Fireman - Steven Alexander
    Bell - Jonathan Masters
    Director - Rod Chilmaid


    Unless one counts regeneration, this story features no deaths.

    The pretitles scene was recorded entirely in Sydney, Australia. James Castle used samples of Malcolm Tucker insults to settle into his Scottish accent. Watson was played by a real American, though even he thinks he sounds fake.

    Death on the Line

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