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    Today we feature a character who has had a long history in comics publishing, as well as his more famous exploits on film, tv and books. Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan Of The Apes has been published in magazine and comic format since 1912 and is still being published today, with only a few gaps in publication in comparatively recent years. The first comic strip version was published in 1929, and the character featured in several titles in the 1930s before getting his own title from Dell in 1938. Tarzan was published almost continuously by various companies including Dell, Gold Key, DC and Marvel until around 1980 when Marvel lost the licence. He has had a patchier history in more recent years, with Dark Horse publishing him for a while and, more recently, Dynamite Entertainment.

    He has long had a history of British reprint comics running from the 1940s through till the late 70s, comics which took a range of formats. Todays is one of my childhood favourite series, a fortnightly full colour series (very unusual for British comics of the time) which ran from 1971-1975 for well over 100 issues and was possibly my introduction to the character (although that's debatable because the Ron Ely tv series was running at that time as well!).

    Can't say that I actually remember this particular cover, but I love it because it just reminds me of those cheap old paperback books that were around at the time...
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