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    Welcome to our First Season of PlanetSkaro audios

    PSAudios 1.1. Echoes of the Protii
    Investigating the mystery of the destroyed planet Vrij, the Doctor and his two companions Nick and Rob arrive on Gidi - a deserted backwater policed by the law enforcing Water Guards.
    But when Rob stumbles upon a body he realises that there's a murderer on Gidi; worse still, an ancient power is stirring - and with the Doctor accosted by dizzy Vera Jundrey, it's left to Nick to seek help.
    How can the Doctor defeat an enemy so powerful it can undo time at the seams?
    Where is the infamous Professor Endlemann - an infamous criminal wanted on a hundred worlds?
    And can Nick be saved from the awesome power of the Protii before he becomes the key to its salvation?

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    PSAudios 1.2. The Soap of Fatal Death
    The Doctor, Nick and Rob arrive on Earth in at the Mundy Film Studios. The Doctor has taken Nick on a surprise visit to the set of Clear Waters, famed for its wobbly walls and outlandish plots.
    When they arrive they find all is not well on set. The soap been placed under new management, popular characters are being axed, celebrities are making guest cameos and the plots are becoming even more far-fetched in pursuit of ever higher ratings.
    Just who is behind these dramatic and outlandish new storylines?
    What big surprises are in store at this year's TV Gold Soap Awards?
    And what lies on the mysterious top floor of the Clear Waters studios?

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    PSAudios 1.3. Keepsake
    The TARDIS has been destroyed and Rob finds himself back home on Earth in 2007. But bumping into his old friend Ben brings its own share of troubles - there's been a dreadful accident involving Ben's old college master, and a strange space ship has recently crashed into a nearby lake.
    Rob and Ben dive down to explore the ship, but unwittingly release a force which has been imprisoned for the good of the Universe.
    Is the offer it makes them too good to be true?
    Ben suddenly finds himself whisked backwards in time, and then the dead begin to walk...

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    PSAudios 1.4. Magical History Tour
    Rob looked at his watch for the umpteenth time.
    Where on earth was the Doctor?
    He turned to his friend Nick, but as he opened his mouth to vent yet another loud proclamation of protest, his words were suddenly lost. Nick was staring at the sky, his face twisted in anguish and surprise. Rob followed his gaze, and then he saw it. The battered blue police box, tumbling and ricocheting across the afternoon sky above them as if it were a toy, a trail of burning vapour hanging in the air as it fell. Rob opened his mouth and cried the single word that filled his thoughts: "Doctor!"

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    PSAudios 1.5. Doctor Who and the Christmas Gnomes
    "It can't be!" exclaimed Nick, but it was.
    There in front of him stood the mythical Toy Lord, Father Christmas.
    Christmas is a time for fun and cheer but when Doctor Who and his young companions arrive on the mysterious Christmas world of Tinsel, they find horror and intrigue.
    The Doctor investigates some brutal murders with the help of an unexpected ally, Rob has to escape the deadly Mines of Tinsel and Nick falls into the clutches of an old enemy!
    But what are the deadly forces that threaten the Spirit of Christmas on Tinsel?
    Can Father Christmas reconcile with his new wife?
    And will Doctor Who be able to escape the fearsome clutches of the deadly Christmas Gnomes?

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    Stuart Wallis

    Last Season 3 Story Stnding

    Galaxy 4 5
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    [B]The Daleks Masterplan 6[/B]
    The Massacre 5
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