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    Welcome to our 2nd season of PlanetSkaro audio's

    PSAudios 2.1. Heart of the Haniad

    The Doctor encounters a giant space tree and a new companion, Edward Bradley in Heart of the Haniad!
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    PSAudios 2.2. Heist

    The Doctor and Ed get involved with the ultra dangerous Byron Zunestra - will they survive this Heist?
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    PSAudios 2.3. The Paradise Machine

    The Doctor, Rob and Nick discover get more than they bargained for when they enter The Paradise Machine...
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    PSAudios 2.4. The Curse of Ratanapura

    Can the Doctor, Nick and Rob survive The Curse of Ratanapura?
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    PSAudios 2.5. Eye of the Daleks

    The Doctor, Rob and Nick discover the terrifying truth about The Eye of The Daleks.
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    PSAudios 2.6. Many Happy Returns

    Tangling with a timescoop causes trouble for the Doctor, Nick and Rob in Many Happy Returns.
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    PSAudios 2.7. Christmas Spirits

    The Doctor uncovers Victorian terror in Christmas Spirits.
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    PSAudios 6.1. Bless You Doctor Who

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    Doctor Who
    A thrilling two-part adventure starring
    Brendan... read more
    Philipnet 23rd Nov 2020, 4:02 PM


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