• PSAudios 1.1. Echoes of the Protii

    Doctor Who
    Paul Monk, Dave Tudor and Steve Alexander star in

    Echoes of the Protii
    By Si Hunt and Simon Hart, produced by Si Hunt
    Investigating the mystery of the destroyed planet Vrij, the Doctor and his two companions Nick and Rob arrive on Gidi - a deserted backwater policed by the law enforcing Water Guards.

    But when Rob stumbles upon a body he realises that there's a murderer on Gidi; worse still, an ancient power is stirring - and with the Doctor accosted by dizzy Vera Jundrey, it's left to Nick to seek help.

    How can the Doctor defeat an enemy so powerful it can undo time at the seams?
    Where is the infamous Professor Endlemann - an infamous criminal wanted on a hundred worlds?
    And can Nick be saved from the awesome power of the Protii before he becomes the key to its salvation?


    Download PSAudios - 1.1. Echoes of the Protii - Trailer.mp3

    Episode 1

    Download PSAudios - 1.1. Echoes of the Protii - Episode1.mp3

    Episode 2

    Download PSAudios - 1.1. Echoes of the Protii - Episode2.mp3

    Episode 3

    Download PSAudios - 1.1. Echoes of the Protii - Episode3.mp3

    Cast List
    The Doctor - Paul Monk
    Nick - Dave Tudor
    Rob McCow - Steve Alexander
    Vera Jundrey - Simon Hart
    Scott - Ant Williams
    Professor Endlemann - Tim Hawtin
    Waterguard Humba - Ant Cox
    Admiral Fisk / Protii - Si Hunt
    Costa - Alex Finch
    Liam Hansen - Martin Penny
    Barman - Andrew Clancy
    Barry - Wayne Jefferies
    Ethan Fox - Paul Clement
    Auntie Rosie - Kate Bailey
    Bartender - Dave Lewis
    John - Pip Madeley
    Tom - Dave Taylor
    Lana - Heather Lawrence
    Harold Harold - Andrew Curnow
    Hilda Harold - Gisela Curnow
    Professor Hogg - P-Bal
    Doctor Klox - David Barnes
    Mum - Caroline Baynes
    Written by Si Hunt and Simon Hart
    Produced by Si Hunt
    Cover by Pip Madeley

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    CD Sleeve/Front

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    The Making of Echoes of the Protii
    Narrated by P-Bal (Paul Ballard)

    Download PSAudios - 1.1. Echoes of the Protii- MakingOf.mp3

    In 2002, Si Hunt and Simon Hart were asked to write a story for the Doctor Who fiction website "Doctor Who: The Legacy". The pair wrote the story, "Echoes of the Protii", together at Si Hunt's house, hammering out each episode with both of them round the keyboard. The story featured a 'pantomime Dame' character called Vera, her devious grandson Cy (pronounced Si)and several elements from TV Doctor Who, including the Waterguards and several planets mentioned in the 1979 story "Nightmare of Eden".

    During Autumn 2005, Si Hunt hit upon the idea of making an audio version of the story, and the script was duly adapted. It was decided to change the companion Alf into a male companion Rob, and to keep the other male companion Nick. Cy duly became Scott, as it was felt that Cy was too in-jokey being the first name of both authors.

    The story was directly transcribed into three episodes of the audio script, with new material added in order to feature cameos from as many forum members as possible. There were several other additions, including the concept of "Clear Waters", a fictional soap opera in the style of Crossroads. Nick's "latent telepathy", mentioned throughout the adventure is a plot thread that would feature in later audio stories.

    Si Hunt wrote the first draft of the script which was then edited and added to by Simon Hart. Although no major changes were made, Hart added the first Control Room scene to Episode 1 to introduce the new team to the listeners - reasoning that otherwise they'd have no idea who they were, as the story had opened with them already investigating the fate of the planet Vrij.

    The cameo sequences were recorded first during October and November of 2005; including recordings by Heather Lawrence, Dave Taylor, Carol Baynes, Dave Lewis and Martin Penny. Several were sent on cassette which made the quality of the recordings extremely poor. Subsequently, it was decided to only accept digitally recorded performances for future stories.

    The bulk of the story was recorded on Saturday 21st January 2006. A break was scheduled part way through the afternoon, and the crew wandered down to Sheering Mill Lock in Sawbridgeworth to take the photographs that would be used to make the CD cover. They then returned to recording the remainder of the story, including the climactic final scenes, which were recorded with the entire cast crammed into the bedroom "studio".

    The song "Ooh Aah! Just A Little Bit" by Gina G was used in the Bird of Pride bar scene on Gidi, and the track "Tomorrow Night" by Bob Dylan (from his 1992 album "World Gone Wrong") was used in the cafe scene where the Doctor first encounters Vera. "I Found Someone" by Cher can be heard playing in Scott's bedroom.

    A trailer was produced as a teaser for the story and a special mix of the Doctor Who theme music was chosen to bookend each episode. On 1st April 2006, a premier was held in Sawbridgeworth and the cast listened to the story for the first time together, following which CD copies were distributed to those that had taken part, raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital in the process.

    Quote Unquote

    LIAM: You don't need to know the details. But I got... close to someone... and I thought I could trust them. I really did. They made me feel like I owned the world. Like, even if no-one else ever lo...(goes to say "loved" but cuts off mid-word and takes it back)... cared for me again, then I'd still know that just once, someone did. I'd always have that. But they took what they wanted and then things changed. Better offers came along. I wasn't special any more.

    DOCTOR: Now, you listen to me Liam. If you stop trusting, then the person that let you down has won. You may as well just give up the race. But if you learn to trust, and to love again, then you'll always be the better man. You'll have something he never will.

    LIAM: You're right. (smiles) Thank you Doctor.

    DOCTOR: Trust, Liam, is the biggest wealth of all. Now perhaps you have some overdue rental arrears to collect?

    LIAM: Yes. I do. You watch yourself Doctor. And you never stop trusting either.


    SCOTT: The Doctor? You mentioned him before. Tell me about him Nick.

    NICK: Well. Hes cleverest man I know. He told me he sees the threads of the Universe and m.

    SCOTT: Mends them when they break. Every old letch has used that one. Its the oldest chat-up line in the book!


    DOCTOR: In all my travels through time and space this is the very first time Ive ever been mistaken for someone called Barry.


    VERA: Bugger it Doctor - the eggs!


    FISK: Hands up you lot. The games up! Admiral Fisk has got you surrounded!

    DOCTOR: And what game would that be Scott? Chess? Maybe you think you have all the pawns.

    SCOTT: Oh I prefer Patience, Doctor. That way, I always win.

    VERA: How about Connect Four?

    • All the planets mentioned in the story were planets listed on Tryst's CET machine in Nightmare of Eden. Except The Planet of the Sparkle Tribe, obviously!

    • One of the final scenes, where Scott is rescued by his Mother (called Violet in the script, but not in the final credits), was written for elusive forum poster Lissa Levesque. However, she declined the role and it was instead played by Caroline Baynes.

    • At one point in the script, Vera reveals that her second husband was Harold Harold, a character who would re-appear in several future audios, though never again would his apparent nupitals to Vera Jundrey be mentioned.

    • Nick notes of Scott's video collection "You like Clear Waters then... and lots of Cher I see". The line was written quite innocuously, but its delivery on recording would begin an in-joke that would span the series, with a rhyming phrase culminating in the words "...I see" being spoken in almost every future Nick adventure.

    • Professor Endlemann's full name is given as Invigh Endlemann.

    • With only a small variation in the sting, the edits made of the theme used on "Echoes of the Protii" would be used on every subsequent Planet Skaro audio; these included a longer version of the closing titles intended to be used on final episodes.

    • Chapters on the CD were named "The Exploding Planet", "Liam", "The Bird Of Pride", "Mistaken For Barry", "Beware the Coffee", "Waterguard Humba", "Clear Waters", "Nick's Nightmare", "The Morning After" and "The Key, The Secret" (Episode 1), "Rob's Rescue", "Beryl In Danger", "The Waking Ally", "Where's Humba", "The Bartender", "The Ghosts of Gidi", "Humba In Peril", "The Re-awakening!", "Vanishing Memories" and "Doctor In Danger" (Episode 2) and "Hatshop In Another Dimension", "The Protii Are Coming", "It Started On Darp", "Enter Fisk", "Costa's Lament", "The Protii Collective", "The Doctor's Round", "Skaro", "The Stranger" and "Second Chances" (Episode 3). No stories were allocated specific chapter names after this point.

    • Thanks to the generosity of members of Planet Skaro, the CD release of this story raised over 200 for Great Ormond Street Hospital, who had performed life saving operations on Simon Hart's neice and nephew in 2001 and 2005.

    • "Echoes of the Protii" came 4th out of 5 stories in an on-line poll of the retrospectively termed "Season 1" stories, conducted in late 2008.

    Existing Material
    All raw recordings exist for the story, along with cameo recordings and the specially prepared sound effects used for the Protii (kept in case the creatures ever returned).

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