• PSAudios H.2 A Convention of Arthurs

    Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy
    (Apocryphal Phase)
    Extending HHGTTG from Douglas Adams

    David Wilcox, Alex Finch and Tim Hawtin star in

    A Convention of Arthurs
    By Steven Alexander, ripped off from Douglas Adams
    Re-united with their bodies, their minds and even the quivering remains of their sanity, Ford and Arthur are ready to 'get down and party' as the kids used to put it.

    However the 'getting down and partying' have to be put on hold as they discover to their horror that they are immensely popular and have spawned a vibrant and active fanbase.

    Will our heroes ever be able to return to the life of disregarded inconsequentiality that they so desperately crave?

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    Cast List
    The Voice of the Book - David Wilcox
    Arthur Dent - Alex Finch
    Ford Prefect - Tim Hawtin

    Earwin - David Taylor
    Coalflower - Ashley Culley
    Lendrew Zeasade - Simon Hart
    Dentist - Philip Ludlam
    Homeopath - Steven Alexander
    Prosser - Jonathan Simmons
    Barman - Jon Masters
    Dink - Katherine Monk

    Retro-phonic Music by Andrew Clancy
    Written and Produced by Steven Alexander
    Continuity by Simon Hart
    Originally released Oct 2016

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