• PSAudios 6.1. Bless You Doctor Who

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    Doctor Who
    A thrilling two-part adventure starring
    Brendan Jones & Paul Monk & Paul Monk

    Bless You, Doctor Who
    In the past, the Doctor, Nick and Rob encounter a rupture in time and Rob is lost. Arriving on Shada, Nick unwittingly releases an ancient criminal and long forgotton enemy of the Doctor into time and space once more...

    In the present, Rob discovers that a plague is descending on humanity - hes marooned, and only the Doctor can help. But which one?

    In the future, the Doctor and Ed discover that humanity has already fallen. Only some old friends and a long forgotten message remain.

    The stage is set for a final showdown with Plague Lord Admiral Advice. Even with three Doctors and a host of companions, can he be defeated?



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    Cast List
    The Doctor ... Brendan Jones & Paul Monk & Paul Monk
    Nick ... Dave Tudor
    Rob ... Steven Alexander
    Ed ... Martin Penny
    Father Christmas ... Dave Taylor
    Ant ... Ant Williams
    Humba / Toymaker ... Ant Cox
    Admiral Advice ... Si Hunt
    Tom & Vera ... Si Hart
    Byron ... Mike Talks
    The Master ... Jason Thompson
    Bernie ... Ali Pearce
    Computer Voices ... Kathy Monk, Richard Brinck-Johnsen
    Naomi ... Kathy Monk
    Bombs ... Phil Ludlam and Si Hart
    Sir Clive ... Steve Oakes


    2020 - the year of the pandemic and the lockdown. The year that we couldn't meet in the pub as we always do around November 23rd because all the pubs were shut.

    However! There was a small light in the darkness, because suddenly everyone had webcams and microphones and we were able to hold the first online Planet Skaro meet up!

    Some email quotes on the development of the story:

    Steven Alexander: My thought is to do a little two-parter of 10 minute episodes - so twenty minutes total. One episode would be with Paul's Doctor and one with Brendan's, the idea being that they tie together in some way. I haven't asked anyone else, so this may all change! Apart from that it could be literally anything - something exciting, crazy and funny to recapture the spirit of the PS Audios. It could be really exciting again!

    Si Hunt: It's a good idea. I'd be happy to write and produce the first 10 minute episode, on the condition that Paul "signs up" to play the Doctor. Perhaps someone else could write and produce the second episode and we could swap notes to create a few nice links between them?

    My imagination is already thinking that it should be relevant and perhaps see the Doctor, Rob and Nick (or Ed!) arrive on a planet vulnerable to a deadly COVID-style virus. Perhaps in an "Ark" style bit of parody - Rob could give them all his cold in my episode and start a Pandemic. Maybe in the second episode Brendan's Doctor would arrive 1000 years later to sort it all out?

    Christ, I've written it already!

    AND SO... We were on our way! There were lots of fun and adventures still to be had, but it all came together beautifully - just in time too!

    Part 1 written by: Si Hunt
    Part 2 written by: Brendan Jones
    With input from: Steven Alexander and Simon Hart
    Part 1 production: Si Hunt
    Part 2 production: Si Hart

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    PSAudios 6.1. Bless You Doctor Who

    (Click for large version)

    Doctor Who
    A thrilling two-part adventure starring
    Brendan... read more
    Philipnet 23rd Nov 2020, 3:02 PM


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