• PSAudios 1.5. Doctor Who and the Christmas Gnomes

    Doctor Who
    Paul Monk, Steve Alexander and Dave Tudor star in

    Doctor Who and the Christmas Gnomes
    By Steven Alexander, produced by Si Hunt, Steven Alexander and Pip Madeley
    "It can't be!" exclaimed Nick, but it was.
    There in front of him stood the mythical Toy Lord, Father Christmas.

    Christmas is a time for fun and cheer but when Doctor Who and his young companions arrive on the mysterious Christmas world of Tinsel, they find horror and intrigue. Doctor Who investigates some brutal murders with the help of an unexpected ally, Rob has to escape the deadly Mines of Tinsel and Nick falls into the clutches of an old enemy! But what are the deadly forces that threaten the Spirit of Christmas on Tinsel? Can Father Christmas reconcile with his new wife? And will Doctor Who be able to escape the fearsome clutches of the deadly Christmas Gnomes?

    Episode 1

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    Episode 2

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    Episode 3

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    Bonus Features

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    Making Gnomes

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    Cast List
    The Doctor - Paul Monk
    Rob - Steve Alexander
    Nick - Dave Tudor
    Father Christmas - Dave Taylor
    Vera - Simon Hart
    Scott - Ant Williams
    Rudolph - Tim Hawtin
    Kestero - Jonno Simmons
    Craig - Pip Madeley
    Christmas Gnomes - Ant Cox, Si Hunt, Simon Hart
    Comet - Andrew Clancy
    Dasher - Ant Cox
    Dancer - Ali
    Prancer - Ashley Culley
    Vixen - Jody Monk
    The Fridge - Si Hunt
    Written by Steven Alexander
    Produced by Si Hunt (Episode 1), Steven Alexander (Episode 2) and Pip Madeley (Episode 3)
    Covers by Si Hunt and Pip Madeley

    (click for larger versions)
    Front Covers

    CD Booklet/Cover A

    CD Booklet/Cover B

    CD Inlay/Back

    Recording Photos

    The script was written over the summer of 2007. The aim was to write the Christmass-yest Doctor Who story of all time! So it had to be the planet of Father Christmas, with his Reindeer and Christmas Gnomes. Everything that Steven remembered from his childhood Christmases went in, from Transformers to Brussels' Sprouts.

    Fitting into this camp environment perfectly were the returning characters of Vera and Scott from 'Echoes of The Protii'. It adds a bit of extra frisson to the story and helps build up the PS Audios mythos to have returning characters. Especially when those returning characters are a camp old drag act and a slutty young villain!

    A lot of the ideas for this were generated while Steven was wandering around Victoria and Pimlico during his lunch-breaks at work. He would spend a lot of time pounding the streets wondering how to make the Gnomes more creepy and what Kestero's motivation. Hopefully what comes across is that the heart of the story is about family and friends.

    With three people carrying out the production on this story, things got especially fruity behind the scenes. The production thread ran to 32 pages. Steve had initial culture shock at the thought of allowing someone else to edit down the episodes and threw an enormous strop. This was overcome eventually and harmony returned. Pip's episode was delivered at the absolute last minute, which caused some unwarranted tension. Fortunately the episode was finished on time and sounded fantastic. After the handbags were thrown and the dust cleared, the finished product was all the better for it.

    This Christmas Special had two different covers! Cover A features the TARDIS outside Tinsel Central and was a specially made model by Si Hunt. "It stood about 0.6m square and was lovingly built after a series of shopping trips to collect all the knick knacks. Then I discovered my camera was on the blink, so transported the whole thing to Clacton where my Dad and I spent an evening covering Mum's kitchen in fake snow and lighting it with table lamps! It was huge fun though and my Dad deserves a verbal credit for giving me help in shooting it."

    Cover B showed the TARDIS spinning in space by the planet Bauble in the Constellation of Tinsel and was created by Pip Madeley.

    Quote Unquote

    SCOTT: I was thinking to myself that I could do with a few nice presents this Christmas, when what should I find under my tree but my little Nick! And half unwrapped as well. I do hope the Gnomes have been treating you well.

    NICK: To be honest I have a few complaints.

    SCOTT: That is a shame. Perhaps you would like to fill me in over a glass of schloer?

    NICK: Whatever it is youíre going to offer me, Iím not interested.

    SCOTT: Oh, Iím sure once youíre warmed up youíll remember the chemistry between us.

    NICK: I can remember it now! You drugged me!

    SCOTT: So spiky! Iíve missed you Nick.

    NICK: Iíve been trying to forget you.


    GNOME #2: Slaves! Scum! Although it pains me to say it, weíve been told to let you have a rest break! So put your tools down for five minutes. Anyone taking longer than five minutes rest will be beaten to deathÖ with their own dismembered legs!


    FATHER CHRISTMAS: "Ho ho ho! That was a tight one!"


    THE DOCTOR: Iím glad you asked me that, Rob. I have a plan that involves this bucket of treacle, the Gnome hats that are still lying around, these Brussels Sprouts and - Iím afraid to say it Ė cutting off Father Christmasís beard.


    VERA: Doctor! Donít you bamboozle me with your hi-tech sci-fi flim-flam again! What do you mean?

    • Father Christmas refers to the Doctor as Doctor Who throughout the story.
    • This is the second appearance of Vera and Scott. They previously appeared in Echoes of The Protii.
    • A final scene where Kestero reports back to his masters was written but scrapped before recording. Kestero was going to have been working for the Daleks.
    • Craig replace Scott as a second grandson for Vera when the writer, Steven Alexander, realised that Scott was only pretending to be Vera's grandson in Echoes of The Protii, and that they weren't related at all!
    • Dave Taylor relished the chance to play Father Christmas, but it took him a while to work out the character. To this day he can still recite parts of the 'teaser' included at the end of Magical History Tour.
      You Ask him about his beard and the Concorde Nebulae if you want!
    • The role of Vixen was played by a reluctant Jody Monk.
    • Simon Hart wrote and produced the 'Making of' Documentary.
    • The CD release of this PS Audio raised money for Cancer Research. http://www.cancerresearchuk.org.

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