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    PSAudios 6.1. Bless You Doctor Who

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    Doctor Who
    A thrilling two-part adventure starring
    Brendan... read more
    Philipnet 23rd Nov 2020, 3:02 PM


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    Dirk Gently

    Rate And Discuss: Boom

    This was a definite step in the right direction! MUCH better. I really want to give it a 10...but I can't, 9/10 from 1st viewing.

    Maybe a

    Dirk Gently Today, 5:45 PM Go to last post
    Dirk Gently

    Rate And Discuss: The Devil's Chord

    This is an odd ball. The characters were well done, but the story didn't "fit" with me. It was well done but I didn't think the story was very

    Dirk Gently Today, 4:57 PM Go to last post
    Dirk Gently

    Rate And Discuss: Space Babies

    OK, Well that could have been worse. I'm not bowled over with this episode. It was childish when it could have been more dramatic. As has been pointed

    Dirk Gently Today, 4:00 PM Go to last post
    Leah Betts

    Rate and Discuss: The Woman Who Lived.

    how does Ashildr get that big house and become an apparently well-known female peer? It would be fairly easy to pass her off as coming from a wealthy

    Leah Betts Today, 1:01 AM Go to last post

    Rate And Discuss: Boom

    Much, much better than the opening two episodes.


    duncan 20th May 2024, 5:44 PM Go to last post
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