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Eye of the Daleks stars

Doctor Who - Paul Monk
Nick - David Tudor
Rob - Steve Alexander
Choo'Dar – Ali Bongo
Della Tif - Anthony C Williams
Fnub Daigel – Phil Ludlam
Dalek Voices - Wayne Jefferies
Kroton Voices - Pip Madeley

Written by Paul Monk & Simon Hart
Produced and directed by Si Hunt
CD artwork designed by Pip Productions


"There is no sorrow time heals never, no loss, betrayal beyond repair...”

Soon, it will be time for war.

Into the calm before the battle flies a Star Cruiser helmed by the
ambitious Della Tif and his friends... and a Police Box shaped time
ship known as the TARDIS. Della is seeking out the ancient Crystal
Planet, whose secrets have been lost to the centuries.

Meanwhile the Doctor, Nick and Rob crash land and stumble across his quest for power. But what exactly is the secret of the Crystal Planet?

Who is Choo'Dar, and what is behind her mysterious telepathic abilities?

And are the Doctor and his allies really the first to re-discover the planet?

Soon, it will be time for war.

And not everybody will be returning home.

Doctor Who and the Eye of the Daleks is the second of the Autumn 2008 season of audio dramas produced by Planet Skaro Audios.

released Saturday 1st November 2008

Episode One Part One
Episode One Part Two
Episode One Part Three
Episode One Part Four

released Saturday 8th November 2008

Episode Two Part One
Episode Two Part Two
Episode Two Part Three
Episode Two Part Four


This story will be released on a limited edition CD with an exclusive minisode, Enjoy Your Shoes , written by Si Hunt and performed by Wayne Jefferies and Steve Alexander. Details on how to order a ready-made CD will be available soon. We'll also be using our new season to drum up some donations to our chosen charity The Children's Society, so there'll be a chance to raise some cash for a good cause as well.

Doctor Who and TARDIS trademarks are copyright of the BRITISH
- no infringement intended. This is a fan-produced endeavour - no personal monetary profit has been made from its creation..

This audio recording is (c) Planet Skaro 2008.

Our audio adventures are made strictly non-profit productions, made for the enjoyment of the members of Planet Skaro and
other Doctor Who fans. Support the official BBC releases!
If you enjoyed this production, please let us know in the forum!

by Simon Hart

by Phillip Madeley and Si Hunt

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