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Doctor Who: Many Happy Returns stars

Doctor Who - Paul Monk
Nick - David Tudor
Rob - Steve Alexander
with additional voices by Tim Hawtin, Simon
Hart, Alex Finch, Dave Taylor
and Pip Madeley

Written, produced and directed by Simon Hart

CD artwork designed by Pip Productions

Episode presented in MP3 Sound Format.


"We thought we'd get a surprise for you."
"And here I am!"
"OH NO!"

Rob and Nick are taking the opportunity in a quiet moment between their adventures to explore the TARDIS. Deep in the corridors lies a dusty old wooden control room, the perfect venue for a little surprise they have planned for the Doctor.

Will they be able to pluck Simon and Garfunkel out of their time stream and pop them down in the TARDIS? How will the Doctor's running repairs to his beloved ship affect their plans? What's
wrong with the Cloister Room? And who is having the perfect cuppa? Rob and Nick grapple with a little time problem, but just what have they brought to the TARDIS...

Doctor Who: Many Happy Returns is a very special one-off episode from Planet Skaro Audios, made in support of the BBC Children In Need 2008 appeal. Please consider donating today by visiting the CiN website. A limited edition CD release of this story will be available in the near future.

Doctor Who and TARDIS trademarks are copyright of the BRITISH
- no infringement intended. This is a fan-produced endeavour - no personal monetary profit has been made from its creation.

This audio recording is (c) Planet Skaro 2008.

Our audio adventures are made strictly non-profit productions, made for the enjoyment of the members of Planet Skaro and
other Doctor Who fans. Support the official BBC releases!
If you enjoyed this production, please let us know in the forum!


by Paul Monk and Simon Hart

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