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    Pip Madeley Guest


    If you're a Genesis fan like me you may squee at the news that a Live DVD box set has been announced and will include both Three Sides Live and The Mama Tour in 5.1 surround sound.

    I just hope that they give us them UNCUT (they own all the footage recorded).

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    Pip Madeley Guest


    Ooh, rare footage from 1978:


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    It's amazing what they're satiull turning up, even after all these years.

    My dad will pleased abiut the DVDs. That's his Christmas present sorted!

    Si xx

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    Genesis albums are very seasonal. I'm going to pin each one down to a specific month.

    January: Trespass
    February: A Trick of the Tail
    March: Nursery Cryme
    April: Foxtrot
    May: Selling England by the Pound
    June: From Genesis to Revelation, Calling All Stations
    July: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
    August: Invisible Touch, Duke
    September: We Can't Dance, Genesis (Shapes)
    October: Abacab
    November: Wind & Wuthering
    December: ...And Then There Were Three...

    Does this seem right to you?
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