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    Default Extreme speculation - series 4 BadWolf

    I was thinking about this on the way home on my bike - I do some of my best thinking on my bike.

    Chris Ecclestones last story as the Doctor featured a moral quandry for the Doctor - exterminate the Daleks with the delta wave (with the twiddler??? - was never discussed) and in doing kill half the Earth, or else do nothing. Coward or killer.

    This Doctor decided to choose life.

    But since regenerating, Tennants Doctor has become somewhat darker. "No second chances, I'm that kind of a man".

    Certainly the last 2 series have shown a bit more of a ruthless side to the Doctor.

    Of course in Trial of a Timelord, it was revealed that the Valeyard was actually a later incarnation of the Doctor gone over to evil. Now I don't think we'll see the Valeyard again. But I think it'd be keeping with RTD's loose continuity to perhaps see him go evil "the Dark Doctor", possibly before regenerating.

    What do you think? Am I just spaced out again on gin and lemonade again?

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    No, I think making the Doctor "bad" goes too far against the 'laws' of the series as the production team see them, so IMO it's unlikely.


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