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    Default The Master In Series 2?

    It's been said that the original draft for 'New Earth' contained the Face of Boe's message of 'You Are Not Alone' to the Doctor, and if I recall correctly, Captain Jack was originally (just after S1 finished) supposed to be returning for S2 (until Torchwood came along). So how do we think S2 could have turned out differently to how it did? And how would that have changed S3?

    Answers on the back of a postcard please....

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    Perhaps the Toclafaine replaced the Cybermen. We'd have got Age of Steel / Rise of the Cybermen as before, then The Master would have been in league with the Cybermen at the end of series 2, pulling them in from the parallel world. The Master might have been hiding in the parallel world too.

    Then the end of Series 3 would have been the Cult of Skaro and we wouldn't have got Daleks in Manhattan. Hurrah!
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