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    Default BF 075: Scaredy Cat

    Just a quick post to say that I've finished Scaredy Cat, a BF audio I start a year if not two years ago (*).

    Not only did I understand CD 1 better the second time around, by episode 3 I had a grasp of what was going on and was slightly ahead of the plot. With a basic understanding of Morphogenetic Fields (yeah, I'm into some odd stuff) I got why the natives behaved like they did and that killing the little girl (planet) wasn't a good idea

    *: It was the time Si and Steve gave me a lift to London and back for a PS meet. We listened to CD 1 on the way up and music on the way back.
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    I've got fond memories of this one, even though it ripped off "Kinda" a bit. I think I might re-listen to it again.