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    Back in 1996 "The Face" magazine ran a comic strip by Jamie Hewlett, which ran for a year, into '97. It was, as you'd expect from the creator of "Tank Girl", very good indeed, and very funny. Whitey Action was the heroine, with her red fringe (you never saw her eyes) and Terry Phoo her accomplice (in Bruce Lee homage yellow and black, years before Uma Thurman did the same in "Kill Bill"). The comic strip was called "Get the Freebies" and the Freebies were a bunch of villionous mutants. The leader had a head like a basket ball. It was that kind of series.
    Utterly bonkers and I thought it'd probably be a moment in time never to be revisited. But I saw a photo from a new series called "Phoo action", and recognised the characters straight off.

    Did anyone see it? I thought it was as crazy as the original strip. It was also a bit shit as well, but in a funny, watchable kind of way.

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    I've available to download from the BBC iPlayer website - I'm going to check it out ...

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    I did plan on watching it, but a lot of the previews said it was shite, but I'll probably catch it just because I'm a big fan of Hewlett's comic stuff (Hewligan's Haircut being my all the time favourite).

    Digital Spy's reported that it's already been given a series, though I'm not sure when it'll air.
    "RIP Henchman No.24."

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    It was not cool and awesome.


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