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    Quote Originally Posted by SiHart View Post
    Well, reading your post doesn't give us a whole lot to go on really. It's full of opinions, where are you facts?

    You say Missy was a failure. How so? In what way?

    You say Jodie will fail. That's just your opinion, that's not a fact. She's had two minutes on screen so far, nothing else. We don't know how she will go down, but you've obviously judged her already and decided.

    I hope Jodie does well and proves you wrong and Doctor Who goes from strength to strength. It's a programme all about change and renewal and being open minded and tolerant. It's something of a shame that some of its fans can't embrace that.
    DW is not all about change.

    DW came up with a neat idea that allowed it to get round the lead actor changing. It has remained the same basic formula however. The TARDIS as the same police box for instance, its still the same villains (if its all about change and renewal why not ditch the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Master, the Sontarans, UNIT, the Brigadier?)

    DW has a formula and a template that it has to stick too or else it wouldn't exist. Its like Batman. Batman has changed drastically over the years. He's been a gritty down to earth crime fighter like in the Nolan movies, a sci fi hero like in the DCAU, a comedy character like in the Adam West series, and a gothic, horror movie hero like in the Burton films.

    Arguably he changed MORE than the Doctor. However there was always a template that every version of Batman followed, living in Gotham, being motivated by the murder of his parents, not having powers, having a utility belt, a particular set of villains, and supporting characters, Commisioner Gordon, the Joker etc.

    If you don't stay within that template then you are not doing Batman, same applies with DW.

    Now in regards to a female Doctor I have never liked the concept. The character of the Doctor, though he changes also has a template that he stays within. His gender is obviously a part of that by default. He's been written and acted as a man automatically for over 50 years. Men and women are different. They are equal of course, but there are differences, and turning the Doctor into a woman would seem out of place for me.

    Also its a difficult thing to pull off in the show. Are we going to rewrite every time lord to be genderless? That's stupid. Now Susan can be Brian Blessed for instance. Or are we going to rewrite the Doctor to want to change like a transexual. I have nothing against transexuals, but its stupid to suddenly rewrite him into being that after 50 years (10000 in his time.) Why'd he never change into a woman before?

    Having said all of that I have grown to despise a female Doctor because the only reason it happened was the SJWs bullied and slandered Steven Moffat as a sexist, a racist, a homophobe, an abelist etc, until he caved in to them, and now they are attacking the fans as sexists and racists.

    And in what way was Missy not a failure? You seriously think that was a good version of the Master? I'm sorry but no I don't believe you.

    She was like a parody of the Master. In fact she was like a sexist joke told down the pub. If the Master became a woman he would want to shag the Doctor, and he'd have to be all weepy and sensitive, and he'd no longer want to conquer the universe, just spend time with his "boyfriend". Oh and he'd also have to be a rabid feminist too.

    See here.!_(short_story)

    Seriously? You think that's a great development for the character? Seeing him hijacked for some petty political agenda and turned from a manipulative criminal mastermind like in the Deadly Assassin to a hormonal, love struck, feminist, handing the Doctor an army of Cybermen, getting jealous of Clara and Osgood and launching a campaign against rats!

    And if you want evidence for SJWs taking over DW please take some time and read this article I wrote that provides citations from Moffat as well as his critics that show how DW was taken over.

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    Wow. I read your article. It's quite something. You've gone to great lengths to prove your point and that is commendable. As the Doctor once said, "Humans. Always seeing patterns in things that aren't there."

    I've just got my handcuffs and my truncheon and that's enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiHart View Post
    Wow. I read your article. It's quite something. You've gone to great lengths to prove your point and that is commendable. As the Doctor once said, "Humans. Always seeing patterns in things that aren't there."
    Yeah except you can't say how I'm seeing patterns in things that aren't there. I've supplied links to the articles smearing Moff.

    You can't offer any counter argument, yet you continue to refuse to acknowledged the bleeding obvious?

    Why do you keep insisting that the show hasn't been taken over by these intolerant cry bullies? Its the same crap that happened in the 70s with Mary Whitehouse.

    Mary Whitehouse slandered the show and its makers claiming that it was too violent, so the Beeb caved and got rid of Hinchcliff, and made it lighter overall. Flash forward to 2010s and these whiny SJW morons slander Moff as a sexist, a homophobe, a racist etc and badmouth the show in general.

    So the BBC caved to them just like with Mary Whitehouse. They bring in the appalling Missy, stick in all the anti men jokes, make the gender bending regenerations canon regardless of how contradictory and ludicrous it is, cast Jodie, put a team of regressive, SJWs who don't know anything about Classic Who as the new time team and as a result drive away the shows fans and viewers in droves.

    Difference is fans it seems in the 70s had backbones and called Mary Whitehouse out on her crap, and generally didn't like the show catering to a tiny group of crybullies.

    Now however when its left wing crybullies like these people, some fans outright refuse to acknowledge there is any agenda here, despite there being more demonstrable proof?

    Of course that's because as bad as Mary Whitehouse was, at least if you said you didn't like her you weren't abused as a sexist and a racist and viciously attacked.

    IMO the fans who are refusing to acknowledge the hijacking of a beloved icon, and ware attacking the ones who do (like the self loathing fanboy who dragged me into this thread with his infantile "get some therapy" remark.) They have sold DW out to a bunch of spoiled brats and will be held accountable for its death in years to come when people write about it.
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    My biggest problem with the creation of a female Doctor isn't the fact that they've actually done it, but rather WHY have they actually done so at this particular time? To my mind, if they wanted to demonstrate any possible gender flexibility that the Time Lords were capable of, there were more suitable occasions (I won't mention Romana here as her regeneration in Destiny Of The Daleks was obviously played for laughs...but then again it may have sown a few seeds...)

    I remember how, when Tom's departure was announced - but before Peter Davison was introduced as the 5th Doctor - JN-T teased us that the next Doctor could be a woman. Of course that wasn't to be the case but if it was a serious suggestion then why did they not surprise us next time round and cast a woman as the 6th Doctor rather than Colin? The next best opportunity would have been for the series return in 2005, when despite the series long history the were working with pretty much a clean slate, drawing a line under all that had gone before. The perfect opportunity to cast a woman, or too big a risk for the returning series? If it was the latter, then they should have been brave enough to do it a year later instead of casting Tennant (or Smith at the latest)

    It's maybe just the sceptic in me, but I can't help but wonder...I just get the feeling that they took this step at this particular time because of numerous outside influences. Despite the BBC saying that ratings weren't important, it has been all too obvious that there has been a steady slide over the past few years and the series was in need of a serious injection of publicity to reawaken public interest; combine this with the outside PC pressure groups and who have been demanding a female Doctor and it makes me wonder whether this new direction has been taken because the production team felt that they had really found their perfect Doctor, or is it merely a massive marketing opportunity? I've got no problems if it was the former, but not too happy if it's the latter...

    Regardless, I'll be giving the new series a go. It'll live or die by the quality of writing, and the performances of the leads. Those are the criteria that I'll personally use to judge it. After all, like it or not the decision has been made and the series moves on. I'll give it the usual chance before criticizing too much...
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    All I know is I'm glad that I have never watched a single second of Chibnall and Whitaker! I saw Capaldi give in to the force within him and change but that was it for me! I stick with the classic series and I liked David Tennant's adventures. Eccleston I felt was miscast but Dalek is a piece of excellence. Matt Smith was a great find and a terrific, eccentric actor but Moffat ruined all that for him with his lousy writing plus Capaldi's era was absolutely awful for the same reasons plus he himself didn't establish himself as a bona fide Doctor! He didn't have a traditional costume or character like the previous actors! So my collection ends when Matt Smith dies and that's mainly for his performances than the crap stories he endured!

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