These are important guidelines all members agree to adhere as part of their registration.If you're hosting images yourself and linking to them on here, make sure they are no wider than 640 pixels at maximum. Any larger would stretch the page & make the forum look very untidy, and it's a pain to have to scroll left and right as well as up and down.If you need to resize your images, you can do it with any graphics package (such as Adobe Photoshop), or if you don't have anything like that, there is an option with (they offer free accounts) to resize your images online - to 25%, 50% or 75% of the original size. Image Shack also offers a similar option (you can resize to message board size 640x480). If you do not know how to do this, ask one of the Mods & Admins team and they will be happy to help. As a last resort, if you post a large image, it may be resized by the staff, or converted into a link.No image needs to be more than about 150KB max. The bigger the file size, the longer the page takes to download, and this can take some time on image heavy threads like the 'Eye Candy' series. If you really don't want to make the image smaller, or the file size is too large, then make a link to it, telling people what it is (to save them any nasty surprises!).May we also remind that pornographic images are NOT ALLOWED under ANY circumstances.We thank you for your co-operation.