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    Default Welcome New Members - please read this first!

    Welcome to the Planet Skaro forum!

    Please take the time to read a few things before you post:

    First off, whilst Planet Skaro has long been based around this forum, we also have a website - go to to check it out!

    Second, Planet Skaro is a thriving community, where several members already know each other, so posting for the first time may seem daunting. We actively encourage people to join in (our members don't bite!), but just reading is perfectly ok with us

    We hope that you will be willing to participate in the forum, and thus we recommend that you start your own thread in this forum, The Beginning to introduce yourself and tell us a little about you. As has already been said, we don't bite, although we do get quite excited with newbies!

    We consider it important that anyone who posts should read the Planet Skaro Code of Conduct, which outlines all the rules of Planet Skaro. We do edit and update our Code of Conduct from time to time, but it is quite rare.

    Also, although many of our users are good, sensible people, some may occasionally cross the line. If this is the case, please get into contact with one of the moderating team. If you feel that one of the moderators is out of order, then please contact an administrator, and if you feel that an administrator is out of order, then contact myself.

    Here are some sections that you might like to start with:

    The Centre of Leisure
    This is our area for personal goings on - birthday threads, organising meet-ups etc. It is the ideal starting point for the new member, where our users will be more than happy to help you with any problems you may have getting used to the forum. However, this is only visible to registered users, due to the slightly personal nature of some threads.

    Doctor Who: The New Series
    Obviously, this section is for the discussion of the 21st century Doctor Who TV series, currently starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. For those who are new to the series, this would most likely be the topic that you joined us for, so jump right in!

    Adventures in Time and Space
    This forum is for the discussion of the 20th century Doctor Who television stories, lasting from 1963-1989, the 1996 TV Movie and the two charity skits. Whether you're a fan of either series, we welcome you to get involved.

    Announcements and Feedback
    Obviously, this is the place where all announcements are posted, and our users are invited to give feedback. Should you need help, or have a recommendation, then feel free to post in here. Should you have any criticisms of the forum, then please post them in here, but keep it constructive. Any criticisms of our members or our staff should be directed to the appropriate people, and not posted in here.

    These are just a small selection of our discussion areas, and we welcome you to take a look around!

    on behalf of all the staff,
    Anthony Williams
    Founder and Chief Administrator
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