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    Default Season 18 DVD extras

    With most of Season 18 now out on DVD and fairly well furnished with what the BBC have started calling VAMs (value added materials or 'extras' to normal folk) what are your highs and lows on the season 18 shiny discs? Do you love the JNT documentary on the Leisure Hive? Adore the making of the star-field featurette? Hate Matthew Waterhouse on commentary? Prefer Tom to Lalla or vice versa?

    Away from the big hitters like main docs and commentaries, are there any overlooked or hidden gems that most of us have missed?

    And is there anything that you'd like to see covered in new VAMs when some or all of these stories are Revisitationed?
    Dennis, Francois, Melba and Smasher are competing to see who can wine and dine Lola Whitecastle and win the contract to write her memoirs. Can Dennis learn how to be charming? Can Francois concentrate on anything else when food is on the table? Will Smasher keep his temper under control?

    If only the 28th century didn't keep popping up to get in Dennis's way...


    The eleventh annual Brenty Four serial is another Planet Skaro exclusive. A new episode each day until Christmas in the Brenty Four-um.

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    There are two outstandign features that I've watched a few times on the S18 DVDs- New Beginnings on The Leisure Hive and A New Body At Last on Logopolis. Those really set out just about everything you need to know about the ehos of the season and the behind the scenes stuff that went on. It's especially good to see JNT on New Beginnings- his presence has been missed on the DVDs at large I think.

    Personally I think The Lesiure Hive DVD is one of the finest in the range. There's a great set of features on there, and being a title sequence/ radiophonic workshop fan I do like Synthesizing Starfields a great deal.
    The E-Space box was a bit patchier, but the Making Ofs... were all pretty good, and I rather enjoyed Lalla's wardrobe- A Frockumentary, because it was fun.

    New Beginnings set was rather good extras wise too. A good mix of new material and stuff from the time. Again, The Keeper of Traken had a decent making Of doc and the stuff about the return of the Master was good too.

    So I think S18 did rather well myself.

    Si xx

    I've just got my handcuffs and my truncheon and that's enough.

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    I would echo Si's comments.

    I would also add that I had to give up on the Traken commentary because MW was becoming increasingly annoying. It was particularly disappointing as I really wanted to enjoy the only commentry we have with Anthony Ainley.

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