I decided to spin this off from the contemporary TV thread.

I remember 1980 feeling very much like a golden age for sci-fi, esp from the BBC. Looking up some TV drama that I kind of remember being on around about the time on S18, I found a lot of things I remember from the 1980-1 era.

Most noticably ...

Hitch-hikers Guide comes to BBC2!


Just as Warrior's Gate was playing out along came Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy the TV series was shown on TV.

I remember just being in awe of this series, and the humour really appealed to me. It was a kind of unconventional start to begin the series with the Earth blown up - and looking back I think it was a mistake of Douglas Adams how he kept bringing the Earth back. Yup the Vogans suceeded where Daleks, the Borg, and countless Pertwee era aliens failed.

The Nightmare Man


This one had a lot of complaints at the time for it's horror in a late evening slot. People on a remote Scottish island discover remnants of some strange craft ... and there is something escaped from it attacking it's enhabitants, tearing them limb from limb.

Scary stuff at the time - but probably tame by today's standards.

The Flipside of Dominick Hide


I didn't get to see this until 2006, however I really recommend it for a very interesting sci-fi drama.

Dominick Hide is a time traveller from the future who is supposed to visit the 1980s in his flying saucer to observe 20th Century traffic patterns. He's supposed to observe but not be observed, and never land.

He decides one day to land, and finds the world of 1980 a very different one from the sterile future he knows.

BBC's play for the day taking a chance with some intelligent sci-fi.

Blake's 7


A few months before S18 began the Liberator had blown up in the climactic end of Terminal.