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    Default I didn't know they were dead!

    Just listening to BBC London play Robert Palmer's 'Johnny & Mary', and was surprised to hear them dedicate it to the "late, great"...I didn't know he was dead!

    Looking on Wikipedia I was very surprised to see he died in 2003, and I have no recollection of hearing that. Surprising too as I worked as a music/cd buyer at the time.

    So, has anyone else been surprised to find out someone had been dead for years?
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    Not quite the same thing, but I was convinced that Ronnie Barker died in 1989. I was surprised and delighted when he turned up for the Two Ronnie celebration series they did, then sad all over again when he died in 2005.
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    I know that's happened to me many times - there can be deaths in fandom which just aren't recorded. And so pass under the radar ...

    People I've been shocked to find are dead are ...

    Robert Addie (Guy of Gisbourne in Robin of Sherwood)
    Andreas Katsulas (G'Kar)
    Ed Bishop
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    I still maintain that hubby didn't tell me Dave Allen had died...
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