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    Default Season 11 on the Radio: 2- The Ghosts of N-Space

    In 1995, Doctor Who returned to BBC Radio with another Season 11 based story, The Ghosts of N-Space... but was it better or worse than The Paradise of Death?

    What do you think of this story?

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    I actually prefer this to The Paradise of Death. I know it's an episode longer and is confusing at times, plus characters talk to themselves a lot and the Brigadier is revealed to be of Italian descent but I like it. There are great performances by Who stalwarts Stephen Thorne and Harry Towb. Nice reuse of incidental music from the previous radio play too.

    It was badly mistreated. Recorded in November 1994, it did not air until January 1996 and would be Jon Pertwee's last appearance as the Doctor before his death a few months later. I think a third radio serial had been planned but due to Ghosts being messed around and Pertwee's death it was scrapped. (I wonder if it would have been Island of Death?) 8/10

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    I enjoyed both Paradise of Death and Ghosts, but I think I like Ghosts just a little more. It's hard for to think of it as *part of* season 11 and fitting it between other stories though, rather I just think of them as something that happened at some point before the Doctor's regeneration. If that makes sense...

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