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    Only a week to the Halloween release of Silent Hill Revelations.

    Even I have been avoiding the You Tube adverts for revealing too much!

    TV Spot 5

    TV Spot 6

    And this is what the British will be seeing. Post if you see it the minute you see it!

    And also, despite split reviews from online Gaming to Book Of Memories, it's proving popular and better than they expected.
    I'm still not going to buy a Vita in these economic conditions to play that. But just a heads up for it.
    I still haven't watched all three videos. I know what I said about giving loads away, I'll still be transfixed to the TV watching it the first time I see it!

    So... how would seeing it on Halloween fit into your plans for Halloween?

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    So, just got back from seeing it. No idea how long it's running for, but it's worth a watch.
    I admit in the cold light of day there will probably be loads of plot holes. But as a noisy, visual, jump scary film. It's perfect!
    And that scene I posted on the other page, doesn't seem to have been in the film!
    If you were confused as hell by the first film. You won't get any answers from this one. But as a 3D experience...
    Best enjoyed on a big screen as opposed to a smaller DVD on your TV. Or with ad breaks on Channel 4.

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    First film is on Film4 tonight at 11.25.
    If you haven't seen it, give it half an hour. Or record it and watch the whole thing.
    Just wanted to point out it was on tonight. IT'S ON!

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    Happy 9th birthday Silent Hill 4: The Room!

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    Good morning!
    I have always thought although the plots, characters and monsters are different to Doctor Who, I always felt Silent Hill had certain co-incidences as well as vocal fanbase.

    First the good news...

    Hideo Kojima, maker of the Metal Gear Solid franchise (And I've only played the demo of the first one) is using his Fox Engine (I've absolutely no idea what it does) for this project and will be producer and director Guillermo del Toro (Director of Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy films) is actually directing the game. A director is directing a video game...

    But that news was only enough to get it trending in the top ten. But when it was announced Norman Reedus was going to star in the game.
    Well the Internet could only flip! I haven't got a PS4 to download the demo, but it looks like the apartment scenes of Silent Hill 4, and how about this? When I first watched the video I thought I'd been trolled into watching someone's camcorder. But then I realised the graphics were so lifelike it took me a while to accept this was actually the gameplay.

    The woman in this video might sound crazy, but she'd been stuck in the house in the game with no instructions for an hour and over twenty minutes! Full trailer.

    Big IGN piece about it that goes into more detail.

    And finally, the Doctor Who link. This game will be to Silent Hill what 2005 was to Doctor Who.

    And yes, there are already people saying they've ruined the series!!

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