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    Default slow broadband conections some help please.

    first off my internet provider is AOL, which is not the best - how ever I'm getting increasingly frustrated by the slowness of my computer connecting up to the internet. On average when I click on my AOL, icon it will take a good 4 or 5 minutes before the AOL, page comes up on some occasions it's nearer 10 minutes . I spoke to some one at sky today and he said that my telephone line was pretty good and had a speed of 20Mb, so I don't think the problem is there.

    I have a Netgear, Wireless ADSL,modem router and on the back it said 54mpbs...Router DG834G V3....I had a look at PC worlds site tonight and their Netgear Wireless routers said 150mpbs. I havent got a clue what all that means but I'm guessing it's some thing to do with speed.

    So could some one kindly explaiin in very simple terms if the slowness conecting to the internet is down to AOL, or the Netgear Wireless Modem Router I have.

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    Try not clicking the AOL Icon, instead just launch Internet Explorer.

    Your computer may be suffering from viruses / malware / general junk that's slowing it up.

    Download 'CCleaner' and run it, this will delete any unnecessary files for you and is quite easy to use.

    Also make sure that you have some virus scanner software and that you do a regular sweep!

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