Finally got round to starting on the last series of the SJA, and although it was a fairly simple storyline, I enjoyed 'Sky' a lot. Most of the ideas I think hhave appeared elsewhere, but it was such a well written script it didn't matter. Also with it sexy female villain wandering round a power station, non-flesh-based monsters, a tramp seeing the aliens land, it gave more than a few nods to Bob Baker and Dave Martin stories - blimey, even the title was nicked from one of their own series!!

Anjli Mohindra and Daniel Anthony were on top form as usual, and they such a wonderful pairing it would almost seem criminal not to see their story continued elsewhere. Kudos too to Ace Bhatti and Mina Anwar as Rani's ever more bewildered parents, and once, again, the series intoduced another in a long line of strong (and extremely camp!) villainesses (is that actually word?) in Christine Stephen-Daly's Miss Myers - is there a special drama school where actors go to learn the fina art of 'Doctor Who'-style villainy? They seem to have it down to a tee in SJA!!!

Sky herself wasn't as annoying as I'd expect her to be, but I think the problem is that because both the new series of DW and SJA have featured such a high calibre of young actors over the years, that when a child comes along who doesn't quite cut the mustard, their flaws are highlighted even more. Still, I'm sure she'll make a good addition to the team

Overall, a fine start to the series, and I must say, despite everything, Lis was as radiant and beautiful as ever - at times I felt I was watching the Lis Sladen of 1976...