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    Default The Big Finish Doctor Who Index

    So, the point of this thread is to easily help members find threads for individual Big Finish releases. If there is a thread linked from this one, then one exists for that title. If not, then feel free to start one! So, without further ado, here's what exists at the time of writing:

    (Note: this thread is a work in progress! We will endeavour to keep it as up-to-date as possible, however)

    Main Range

    001. Sirens of Time
    002. Phantasmagoria
    003. Whispers of Terror
    004. The Land of the Dead
    005. The Fearmonger
    006. The Marian Conspiracy
    007. The Genocide Machine
    008. Red Dawn
    009. The Spectre of Lanyon Moor
    010. Winter for the Adept
    011. The Apocalypse Element
    012. The Fires of Vulcan
    013. The Shadow of the Scourge
    014. The Holy Terror
    015. The Mutant Phase
    016. Storm Warning
    017. Sword of Orion
    018. The Stones of Venice
    019. Minuet in Hell
    020. Loups-Garoux
    021. Dust Breeding
    022. Bloodtide
    023. Project: Twilight
    024. The Eye of the Scorpion
    025. Colditz
    026. Primeval
    027. The One Doctor
    028. Invaders from Mars
    029. The Chimes of Midnight
    030. Seasons of Fear
    031. Embrace the Darkness
    032. The Time of the Daleks
    033. Neverland
    034. Spare Parts
    035. ...ish
    036. The Rapture
    037. The Sandman
    038. The Church and the Crown
    039. Bang-Bang-A-Boom!
    040. Jubilee
    041. Nekromanteia
    042. The Dark Flame
    043. Doctor Who and the Pirates
    044. Creatures of Beauty
    045. Project: Lazarus
    046. Flip-Flop
    047. Omega
    048. Davros
    049. Master
    050. Zagreus (questions thread)
    051. The Wormery
    052. Scherzo
    053. The Creed of the Cromon
    054. The Natural History of Fear
    055. The Twilight Kingdom
    056. The Axis of Insanity
    057. Arrangements for War
    058. The Harvest
    059. The Roof of the World
    060. Medicinal Purposes
    061. Faith Stealer
    062. The Last
    063. Caerdroia
    064. The Next Life
    065. The Juggernauts
    066. The Game
    067. Dreamtime
    068. Catch-1782
    069. Three's a Crowd
    070. Unregenerate!
    071. The Council of Nicaea
    072. Terror Firma
    073. Thicker Than Water
    074. LIVE 34
    075. Scaredy Cat
    076. Singularity
    077. Other Lives
    078. Pier Pressure
    079. Night Thoughts
    080. Time Works
    081. The Kingmaker
    082. The Settling
    083. Something Inside
    084. The Nowhere Place
    085. Red
    086. The Reaping
    087. The Gathering
    088. Memory Lane
    089. No Man's Land
    090. Year of the Pig
    091. Circular Time
    092. Nocturne
    093. Renaissance of the Daleks
    094. I.D. & Urgent Calls
    095. Exotron & Urban Myths
    096. Valhalla
    097. The Wishing Beast & The Vanity Box
    098. Frozen Time
    099. Son of the Dragon
    100. 100
    101. Absolution
    102. The Mind's Eye & Mission of the Viyrans
    103. The Girl Who Never Was
    104. The Bride of Peladon
    105. The Condemned
    106. The Dark Husband
    107. The Haunting of Thomas Brewster
    108. Assassin in the Limelight
    109. The Death Collectors & Spider's Shadow
    110. The Boy That Time Forgot
    111. The Doomwood Curse
    112. Kingdom of Silver & Keepsake
    113. Time Reef & A Perfect World
    114. Brotherhood of the Daleks
    115. Forty Five
    116. The Raincloud Man
    117. Key 2 Time: The Judgement of Isskar
    118. Key 2 Time: The Destroyer of Delights
    119. Key 2 Time: The Chaos Pool (K2T general thread)
    120. The Magic Mousetrap
    121. Enemy of the Daleks
    122. The Angel of Scutari
    123. The Company of Friends
    124. Patient Zero
    125. Paper Cuts
    126. Blue Forgotten Planet
    127. Castle of Fear
    128. The Eternal Summer
    129. Plague of the Daleks
    130. A Thousand Tiny Wings
    131. Survival of the Fittest & Klein's Story
    132. The Architects of History
    133. City of Spires
    134. The Wreck of the Titan
    135. Legend of the Cybermen
    136. Cobwebs
    137. The Whispering Forest
    138. The Cradle of the Snake
    139. Project: Destiny
    140. A Death in the Family
    141. Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge
    142. The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories
    143. The Crimes of Thomas Brewster
    144. The Feast of Axos
    145. Industrial Evolution
    146. Heroes of Sontar
    147. Kiss of Death
    148. Rat Trap
    149. Robophobia
    150. Recorded Time and Other Stories
    151. The Doomsday Quatrain
    152. House of Blue Fire
    153. The Silver Turk
    154. The Witch from the Well
    155. Army of Death
    156. The Curse of Davros
    157. The Fourth Wall
    158. Wirrn Isle
    159. The Emerald Tiger
    160. The Jupiter Conjunction
    161. The Butcher of Brisbane
    162. Protect and Survive
    163. Black and White
    164. Gods and Monsters
    165. The Burning Prince
    166. The Acheron Pulse
    167. The Shadow Heart
    168. 1001 Nights
    169. The Wrong Doctors
    170. Spaceport Fear
    171. The Seeds of War

    Special Releases

    033. The Maltese Penguin
    I. Real Time
    II. Shada
    III. Her Final Flight
    IV. Cryptobiosis
    V. Return of the Daleks
    VI. Return to the Web Planet
    VII. Return of the Krotons
    VIII. An Earthly Child
    IX. The Four Doctors
    X. The Five Companions
    XI. Night of the Stormcrow

    Doctor Who Magazine specials

    01. Last of the Titans
    02. The Ratings War
    03. No Place Like Home
    04. Living Legend
    05. The Coup & Silver Lining
    06. The Veiled Leopard
    07. Cuddlesome
    08. The Mists of Time
    09. Freakshow
    10. The Revenants


    1. Excelis Dawns
    2. Excelis Rising
    3. Excelis Decays
    4. Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Plague Herds of Excelis

    Fourth Doctor Adventures (general thread)

    1.1. Destination: Nerva
    1.2. The Renaissance Man
    1.3. The Wrath of the Iceni
    1.4. The Energy of the Daleks
    1.5./1.6. Trail of the White Worm/The Oseidon Adventure (separate threads)
    Lost Stories Specials: The Foe From the Future & The Valley of Death
    2.1. The Auntie Matter
    2.2./2.3. The Sands of Life/War Against the Laarn
    2.4. The Justice of Jalxar
    2.5. Phantoms of the Deep
    2.6./2.7. The Dalek Contract/The Final Phase

    Eighth Doctor Adventures (general thread)

    1.1./1.2. Blood of the Daleks (Parts 1 & 2)
    1.3. Horror of Glam Rock
    1.4. Immortal Beloved
    1.5. Phobos
    1.6. No More Lies
    1.7./1.8. Human Resources (Parts 1 & 2)
    2.1. Dead London
    2.2. Max Warp
    2.3. Brave New Town
    2.4. The Skull of Sobek
    2.5. Grand Theft Cosmos
    2.6. The Zygon Who Fell to Earth
    2.7./2.8. Sisters of the Flame/Vengeance of Morbius
    3.1. Orbis
    3.2. Hothouse
    3.3. The Beast of Orlock
    3.4. Wirrn Dawn
    3.5. Scapegoat
    3.6. The Cannibalists
    3.7./3.8. The Eight Truths/Worldwide Web
    4.1. Death in Blackpool
    4.2. Situation Vacant
    4.3. Nevermore
    4.4. The Book of Kells
    4.5./4.6. Deimos/The Resurrection of Mars
    4.7. Relative Dementias
    4.8. Prisoner of the Sun
    4.9./4.10. Lucie Miller/To the Death

    Eighth Doctor Box Set - Dark Eyes
    1. The Great War
    2. Fugitives
    3. Tangled Web
    4. "X" and the Daleks

    The Stageplays (general thread)

    1. The Ultimate Adventure
    2. The Seven Keys to Doomsday
    3. The Curse of the Daleks

    The Lost Stories (general thread)

    1.1. The Nightmare Fair
    1.2. Mission to Magnus
    1.3. Leviathan
    1.4. The Hollows of Time
    1.5. Paradise 5
    1.6. Point of Entry
    1.7. The Song of Megaptera
    1.8. The Macros
    2.1. The First Doctor Box Set - Farewell Great Macedon & The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrence
    2.2. The Second Doctor Box Set - Prisoners in Space & The Destroyers
    2.3. Thin Ice
    2.4. Crime of the Century
    2.5. Animal
    2.6. Earth Aid
    3.1. The Elite
    3.2. Hexagora
    3.3. The Children of Seth
    3.4. The Guardians of Prophecy
    3.5. Power Play
    3.6. The First Sontarans
    3.7. The Masters of Luxor
    3.8. The Rosemariners
    4.1. The Dark Planet
    4.2. The Queen of Time
    4.3. Lords of the Red Planet
    4.4. The Mega

    Doctor Who Unbound (general thread)

    1. Auld Mortality
    2. Sympathy for the Devil
    3. Full Fathom Five
    4. He Jests at Scars...
    5. Deadline
    6. Exile
    7. A Storm of Angels
    8. Masters of War

    The Companion Chronicles (general thread, and "favourites" thread)

    1.01. Frostfire
    1.02. Fear of the Daleks
    1.03. The Blue Tooth
    1.04. The Beautiful People
    2.01. Mother Russia
    2.02. Helicon Prime
    2.03. Old Soldiers
    2.04. The Catalyst
    3.01. Here There Be Monsters
    3.02. The Great Space Elevator
    3.03. The Doll of Death
    3.04. Empathy Games
    3.05. Home Truths
    3.06. The Darkening Eye
    3.07. The Transit of Venus
    3.08. The Prisoner's Dilemma
    3.09. Resistance
    3.10. The Magician's Oath
    3.11. The Mahogany Murders
    3.12. Stealers from Saiph
    4.01. The Drowned World
    4.02. The Glorious Revolution
    4.03. The Prisoner of Peladon
    4.04. The Pyralis Effect
    4.05. Ringpullworld
    4.06. Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code
    4.07. The Suffering
    4.08. The Emperor of Eternity
    4.09. Shadow of the Past
    4.10. The Time Vampire
    4.11. Night's Black Agents
    4.12. Solitaire
    5.01. The Guardian of the Solar System
    5.02. Echoes of Grey
    5.03. Find and Replace
    5.04. The Invasion of E-Space
    5.05. A Town Called Fortune
    5.06. Quinnis
    5.07. Peri and the Piscon Paradox
    5.08. The Perpetual Bond
    5.09. The Forbidden Time
    5.10. The Sentinels of the New Dawn
    5.11. Ferril's Folly
    5.12. The Cold Equations
    N/A The Specials - The Three Companions, The Mists of Time, and Freakshow
    6.01. Tales from the Vault
    6.02. The Rocket Men
    6.03. The Memory Cheats
    6.04. The Many Deaths of Jo Grant
    6.05. The First Wave
    6.06. Beyond the Ultimate Adventure
    6.07. The Anachronauts
    6.08. The Selachian Gambit
    6.09. Binary
    6.10. The Wanderer
    6.11. The Jigsaw War
    6.12. The Rings of Ikira
    7.01. The Time Museum
    7.02. The Uncertainty Principle
    7.03. Project: Nirvana
    7.04. The Last Post
    7.05. Return of the Rocket Men
    7.06. The Child
    7.07. The Flames of Cadiz
    7.08. TBA
    7.09. TBA
    7.10. The Alchemists
    7.11. TBA
    7.12. TBA

    The 2012 Specials
    1. UNIT: Dominion
    2. Love and War
    3.1. Voyage to Venus
    3.2. Voyage to the New World

    Short Trips

    1.1. Volume 1
    1.2. Volume 2
    1.3. Volume 3
    1.4. Volume 4
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    Do you know what they call me in the ancient legends of the Dalek homeworld? The Oncoming Storm.

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    Ant, that's amazing. And useful, I'm sure!


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    Thanks, Si! I have nothing better to do this morning, other than start this to take my mind off my impending job interview this afternoon!

    Do you know what they call me in the ancient legends of the Dalek homeworld? The Oncoming Storm.

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    Thanks Ant,

    I've yet to dip my toe in the world of BF Doctor Who, but when I do, this list will be priceless

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    I just wanted to say how useful this index is in finding threads of certain stories, or even determining if they exist, so well done to Ant for setting it up.


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    Re-reading some of those reviews... I was so nice about the BF plays! Nocturne, Kingdom of Silver, Frozen Time... All of them I remember now as being wretched. Was it really the stinking pile of rubbish that turned up at our house with punishing regularity that I fondly remember?

    What the hell was I doing? Trying to do balanced reviews? Weird.
    Pity. I have no understanding of the word. It is not registered in my vocabulary bank. EXTERMINATE!

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    Brilliant idea for a thread. Helps those of us who have fallen behind with the releases.

    Anyone know a good place to buy the stories at reduced prices from Big Finish?
    Play have the ones I want @12.50 each. Amazon, 14.49

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    EBay is your friend, I reckon. They tend to keep their prices reasonably well, at least until the BF end-of-year sales. Some of the 8th Doctor compilations are quite good value - maybe?
    Pity. I have no understanding of the word. It is not registered in my vocabulary bank. EXTERMINATE!

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    Nah, you never get Big Finish bargains on Ebay - as you say in the same sentence Steve, they keep their prices.

    Your best bet Tim is to look out for deals on the Big Finish website, they constantly have some titles for 5 and have been known to reduce others down every now and then for limited periods.

    Otherwise, search as that includes audio books and occasionally you can find some cheap ones on various e-tailers sites.


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    I get the impression that Big Finish have managed to get the amazons and plays of this world to stop undercutting them quite as significantly as they used to a couple of years ago when I filled in a fair few gaps in my collection so basically subscribing directly to them is now the most cost effective way to get their stuff in bulk.
    Even the second hand sellers on amazon and ebay aren't offering much of a discount when you add on the postage charges these days.

    However... next week a series of one day sales of the 4 Eighth Doctor Adventures seasons is taking place starting on Monday 20th February with all 8 releases of season one for 35 or 5 per release (normally 10.99 per CD and 8.99 Download).
    Seasons 2 and 3 follow on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd at the same price and the sale concludes on Thursday 23rd with all 10 releases of season 4 for just 40.
    Prior to this the first release of the EDAs season one, "Blood of the Daleks Part One" will be available to download free of charge from tomorrow (Friday 17th February) until Sunday 19th February!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Si Hunt View Post
    Nah, you never get Big Finish bargains on Ebay - as you say in the same sentence Steve, they keep their prices.
    Depends on how recent a release you're looking for, and how patient you want to be. I'm still filling in the gaps between 1 and 100, as well as the odd 8DA that wasn't on the radio, and manage on average one a month for 8 or less.

    Of course that doesn't stop some nutters trying to sell them on e-bay for Buy It Now prices above the cost from new at BF !!
    Bazinga !

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