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    Default CC 4.2: The Glorious Revolution

    Quite a good one, this. The star of the show is Frazer Hines, who gives a quite spookily authentic impersonation of Troughton; at times it was like the Second Doctor had actually returned. His Zoe is good too.

    The story is interesting, if quite thin. I like the idea of the Time Lords giving Jamie his memory back so easily, though I was glad when he chose to "forget" again at the story's end.

    I'd recommend this one to anyone looking to hop on board with the range!


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    Definitely. It manages to feel both utterly faithful to season 6 while giving us a new and totally believable side to Jamie. He goes against the Doctor for the first time but even though we know he's in the wrong, we know he's acting from the best intentions.

    It's easily one of the best three or four CCs I've heard.
    Dennis, Francois, Melba and Smasher are competing to see who can wine and dine Lola Whitecastle and win the contract to write her memoirs. Can Dennis learn how to be charming? Can Francois concentrate on anything else when food is on the table? Will Smasher keep his temper under control?

    If only the 28th century didn't keep popping up to get in Dennis's way...


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