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    Default The Best Of Villains! (Poll)

    Season 14 has some superb villains. There are some really evil characters that, although sympathetic in their way, are absolutely out to cause mayhem, havoc and evil!

    Part of this must be down to Robert Holmes' influence. He knew how to make put total blaggards at the centre of his stories and if he was helping to commission scripts, he must have made sure that there were great baddies in every story.

    So who are your favourites and why? And which villains fail to cut the mustard?

    Count Frederico
    The Master
    Dask (Spoiler!)
    Magnus Greel
    Li H'sen Chang
    Mr Sin

    I was going to do a poll with this, but that's too easy - So I want you to rank these twelve villains in order of villainy!

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    I think the Mandragora has the biggest most evil plan and Count Fredrico is the small time villain of the season.

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