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    Default Sarah's Finest Moments

    The Sarah-Jane Adventures drew to a close this week, bringing to an end the ongoing story of Sarah-Jane, one of our favourite characters from Doctor Who.

    Although the story will go on forever!

    So what are your favourite Sarah-Jane Smith moments, from both Doctor Who and SJA - and why?

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    Just off the top of my head:

    The moment in The Ark in Space when the Doctor insults her and calls her useless when she gets stuck in the duct, which makes her angry and determined enough to pull herself through.

    Every scene with Scorby in The Seeds of Doom once they get back to England, particularly her 'and you'd better listen, because nobody else knows how to deal with that thing!' when they're all trapped in the cottage.

    The scene in The Mad Woman in the Attic when she and Clyde are heading to the amusement park to find Rani. It's utterly irrelevant to the plot, but it's just such a lovely moment when they are ribbing each other about how fast they can walk and each claiming they're going slow so the other can keep up.

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    My all time favourite is the freeze frame shot at the end of The Hand of Fear which I saw for the first time ever on UK Gold about nine and half years ago. It's such a simple but effective moment and it reminds me of a similar shot at the end of the Truffaut film Les 400 Coups - the personal significance is I'm pretty sure that was the moment I realised I'd made the leap from casual viewer renewing my childhood acquaintance with the Doctor to full blown fan.

    Edited to add: I heard the commentary on this episode earlier this year and was interested to learn the freeze-frame was added at Lis' personal request, so if you like it's her fault I'm here.
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    It's a moment from School Reunion for me. As comebacks go, that's always going to be the one that's best.

    There's something so magical and warm about the scene where she first meets the Doctor in the staff room. The breathy "Hello!", the "He was a most uncommon man" played wistfully, but with a little smile that shows just how much it meant to her. All that without the realisation that he's there in front of her all the time. other people like the gym scene, which is amazing too, but this is the scene that gets me every time I watch the episode. It's such a well judged scene and I think Lis' best ever performance.

    Also, there's the scene at the start of Journey's End where she heard the Dalek voice. Her reaction to hearing it sells the scene absolutely, better than any of the other reactions. "You're so young." shockingly good.

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