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    Default Video clips on the Clasic series BBC site

    Oh my word! Having been ill this weekend and moping around the house drinking Lemsip, I've watched a bit of telly as well. I've watched more Dr. Who than I have in six months to be honest! My Who need can reappear at any time; like a drug addiction!

    Over on the BBC site there are a load of episode clips I never knew where there, and there's lots for stories I haven't seen! I originally wanted to see some more bits of season 18, but ended up looking through them all. I know it doesn't all exist but how great does "Evil of the Daleks" look?!!

    I recommend that site for anyone who fancies a few teasers of stories they don't know. It's also brought to my attention once again, that there are a lot of Tom Baker stories I haven't seen since I was a child.

    Anybody bothered with any of these clips?

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    I've never bothered with them, to tell the truth Carol...simply because I've already seen most of the existing episodes. Now that you've mentioned it, these clips might be worth a look to see if they put me in the mood for watching something that I haven't seen in ages. And where Doctor Who is concerned, although I've seen most of them, there's loads that I haven't seen for a very long time!

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    If they didn't use Real Player, I'd probably watch them more...

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