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    Does anyone have any idea how I can sign back in to my Youtube account?
    I can't remember my password, but everytime I request a reset with my email address they send me a list of known User names. I *know* my username, cretins. They only accept emails about legal issues so I'm screwed.


    Sorted now, but very complicated and unclear.
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    You can tie it in to your 'Gmail' account (Which I'm sure you use all the time) and your Facebook account, I think?
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    I had horrendous trouble with this also, and I have no idea how I sorted it in the end. Also, the linked to gmail thing is a right pain in the arse because if you have more than one youtube channel (which I do) then signing into the one that uses a different email automatically signs you out of gmail, which I use all the time. So I've ended up using gmail in one browser and youtube in another browser because it seems the only way around this. And the one that IS linked to my gmail was originally signed up for with my hotmail address, so I still use that to log in and not my gmail address. Apart from the times when that doesn't work. It's a horrendous confusing mess basically and I have no idea why they did that.

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    In the end when it asked for my email address to reset the password I just puit in my username. Then it asked for the address again and finally allowed me to reset.

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    I just tried to log into my old youtube account. I couldn't remember the password, so just entered my username. It comes up with my hotmail address. Despite this, I know it's actually registered with my gmail address so I entered that on the next page. Then it tells me on the NEXT page that it's sending a password reset email to my old Virgin email address. Why does this one account have THREE different emails associated with it? And all three involved in in the password reset process. In addition to this, it's signed me out of my gmail just going through all this, and when I loaded up youtube I was logged in with my gmail account anyway. So does that mean I have yet another youtube account registered with the SAME gmail address that my other one is linked with (along with two other addresses)? Seriously.... who on Earth is running this and how was it ever allowed to get this insane?

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