FROM: Saragh-Jayne, Miles

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Merry Christmas folks.

My dear Innes

Iíve begun to wonder if Iím not as young as you used to be, my boy. Besides, Iím too old. This old body is wearing a bit thin to be doing tele-plays every week and Iíve been diddling about in my mind for a possible solution to this solution.

I believe the best way to avoid regrets, anxieties and tears would be if another actor were brought in to play the role of ďWilliam HartnellĒ in Doctor Who. This new chap would take over from me using some of your marvellous camera trickery and to ensure the children know it is the same person I would suggest I continue to be billed as Doctor Who and this new man be billed as playing me. I would of course continue to accept a weekly fee were you to offer one, no I donít suppose you would.

Yours in quite a great spirit of adventure,

William Hartnell

PS Ė I saw a young fellow called Trouton the other day and he was sheer poetry, my boy. You might like to consider him if heíd be prepared to wear my old wig and trousers!