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    Default AVIVA sacks 1,300 workers... by mistake!


    From The Telegraph:

    More than 1,300 workers at Aviva Investors, the insurer's asset management arm, were shocked on Friday to receive an exit email from the HR department.

    There was a stunned silence at the London headquarters as staff across the division read the unsympathetic memo - intended for just one employee.

    It instructed all Aviva Investor workers to hand over company property and security passes on their way out of the building, and submit all electronic passwords.

    The terse communication reminded staff not to spill any company secrets.

    It read: "I am required to remind you of your contractual obligations to the company you are leaving. You have an obligation to retain any confidential information pertaining to Aviva Investors operations, systems and clients."

    Of little consolation, the final line said: "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and wish you all the best for the future."

    Minutes later staff were relieved to receive a grovelling message from HR apologising for the blanket email.

    The mis-directed missive comes just two days after an announcement from Andrew Moss, chief executive of Aviva, that once again the board will be overhauled. This includes the departure of Alain Dromer, head of Aviva Investors, along with Igal Mayer, European boss, and head of North America, Richard Hoskins.

    Job cuts at Aviva Investors are part of a restructuring process.

    Aviva apologised for its mistake.
    It seems pretty amusing to me right now, but I can only imagine how horrific this must've been for the 1,300 employees who received this!

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    I might be somewhat unsympathetic, but I'd be pleased if the muppet who sent out the blanket e-mail got sacked, and was replaced by the single person originally destined to receive the e-mail.
    Bazinga !

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    Who sacks anyone by email? Thats awful. I've had to let someone go now, but believe me I did it sympathetically and in person.

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    I've only just noticed this - one for The Book Of Heroic Failures! God, it's funny now!

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