Hello Everybody,

The admins have been discussing the possibility of setting the forum to Membership By Approval (MBA). Some of you who have been around here longer than others, may remember that back in the ezBoard days we were Membership By Approval.

MBA simply means that casual browsers (and people not logged in) would not be able to see the majority of the forum. New joiners would first need to register, and then one of the Admins/Mods would need to grant them access to the forums. We would be keeping the News and Announcements and PS Audio forums open to all, and restrict the rest.

We've found that Membership By Approval is something that the majority of Doctor Who forums on the internet do.

However, before we do this, we want to consult with you, our posters, about this. Please can you answer the following questions and let us know what you think/how this sounds/how you feel about this?

1. Did you join PS in the old incarnation when we were with ezBoard, or after the 2006 move to vBulletin and planetskaro.org.uk ?

2. Under MBA, would the extra effort of having to sign up and be approved, stop you from joining?

3. Under MBA, do you think that it would have an adverse effect on casual surfers signing up?

4. Would you feel more comfortable posting if Planet Skaro were MBA?

Thank you for your time,

Anthony Williams
Chief Admin, on behalf of all the PS Staff