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    Default K-9 and Company - The series that never was

    I've almost reached the end of the audiobook of Lis Sladen's autobiography and one thing that came across when it come to the discussion of K-9 and Company was that she agreed to do it on the understanding that it was definitely going to be commissioned as a series once the pilot had aired.

    Despite the broadcast being postponed from it's originally intended pre-Christmas slot (imagine if they'd done such a thing to The Christmas Invasion) and a transmission failure meaing that most of North West England didn't get to see it the episode got fairly decent ratings however the suits in charge of BBC Drama decided not to commission a series.

    Lis implies that the feeling was that most of the obvious problems with "A Girl's Best Friend" would have been cleared up had they been allowed to make more episodes but at the same time she was obviously relieved to see the back of "the dog" once filming had finished.

    So... did the suits at the BBC make the right decision or should we have been allowed "A Sarah Jane Adventures for the 1980s" ?

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    Of course it was the WRONG decision. This series would have been fantastic!

    One can only imagine the outfits that would have appeared had it made it to 1985.


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    It would've been good, as long as they'd changed the bloody theme tune!

    Do you know what they call me in the ancient legends of the Dalek homeworld? The Oncoming Storm.

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