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    Default CC: 2.2 - Helicon Prime

    Before reviewing this story, I have a small disclaimer. I may struggle to look at this one objectively. On our recent watch-through of the Troughton-era, the wife and I both found Jamie to be brilliant. All the way through. To the point where he's now one of my favourite companions ever. So this review might be a leeeetle bit biased!

    So, let's start with the plot. To be honest, it's not all that. But does that matter? The joy of these early Companion Chronicles is getting to hear the return of companions that we haven't heard in a while. A great and compelling plot is just a bonus at this stage (see: Mother Russia). That said, there's nothing inherently wrong here... it's just not astoundingly brilliant. It's a fun little runaround, and that's all, really. Not to say that there aren't some good ideas - it's always good when a Big Finish story revolves around sound, as that's something far easier to portray on audio than on TV, and really plays to the strengths of the format.

    Anyway, the real treat here is hearing Frazer Hines being generally wonderful. His turn as Jamie is excellent (as always), and his impression of the Second Doctor is an absolute treat. Like Peter Purves with William Hartnell, you can tell that Hines spent a lot of time around Troughton, and really admired him and his acting - and, most importantly, really got to know his style. His nuances are just perfect. One of the best things about this era was the relationship between Jamie and the Doctor, and that's absolutely spot on here - driven not only by the script, but by Hines' performance.

    Ultimately, this shouldn't be anything special. It really shouldn't. An average script, populated with exceedingly average supporting characters, to be honest. But having Frazer Hines back to read it makes it something quite special. Something quite nostalgic. It makes me honestly look forward to delving deeper into the Companion Chronicles and hearing more of these companions who, for one reason or the other, are barely represented in the main range.

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    I've recently listened to this and couldn't agree more Ant! FH just takes to his part again as if he'd never been away. Some nice little clever twists in the plot stopped the main narrative from plodding too much, and Frazer's Troughton impression was spot on!

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    I agree entirely with both Anthony and Nyder on this one. The story is nothing special but Frazer is superb. And that alone makes it worth getting.

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