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    Default Torchwood not cancelled, says RTD

    This article quotes RTD as saying that Torchwood hasn't been cancelled, and that it's merely "in limbo" at the moment, and that he would have carried on making it in the US if events hadn't brought him back to the UK. Additionally, he doesn't rule out future series of Torchwood.

    So, does this make you happy? Would you be excited to see new Torchwood? Or do you wish that the series would just die and never come back?

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    There's nothing wrong with the series that a decent script editor and sensibile producers won't fix. Miracle Day was a great idea ruined by tooth pulling extra episodes it didn't need. Children Of Earth is still excellent. The first two series were... bit hit and miss.
    Give it one more go. If it fails this time, then we can stop watching!

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    The problem with Torchwood is that it has no cohesive history, structure or identity. There have been some good episodes, some shocking ones, but as a whole you look back and there is this nasty patchwork of now embarassing series episodes, the "week long" series, the American version of it. It's not a series you could feel proud of loving. Yes, they could make some more and they could be brilliant, but with only two original characters left, none of them especially beloved of anyone arguably, you'd question why they wouldn't just invent a good new series instead.


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    Bizarrely I'd be quite pleased to see another series - if only because it ought to have a better 'final run' than Miracle Day. Even more bizarrely, I find myself thinking back to last year and thinking, "Maybe it wasn't actually that bad" and wanting to watch it again!

    It still seems like a show they haven't got quite right, which is both very odd and a great shame.

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