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    Default Cheesy Cliffhangers

    When Season 22 was sold abroad, the episodes were separated into 25-minute segments causing some rather cheesy cliffhangers. From what I've heard they are:

    Attack of the Cybermen:

    Part One: The Doctor and Peri are followed in the sewers by a Cyberman
    Part Three: Flast's revelation that the Cybermen intend to prevent Mondas' destruction

    Vengeance on Varos:

    Part One: the TARDIS landing on Varos
    Part Three: The Doctor and Jondar rescuing Peri and Areta from their near animal changes

    The Mark of the Rani:

    I don't know about these but I've heard that one is where the Master grunts at the Rani (or the other way round)

    The Two Doctors:

    Part One: When the computer voice says "It threatened the Time Lords"
    Part Three: Anita offers to show the Doctor to the hacienda
    Part Five: The Doctor splashes his face with water, feeling the effects of becoming an Androgum


    Part One: The Doctor and Peri leaving the TARDIS

    Revelation of the Daleks:

    Part One: Natasha and Grigory hiding in the catacombs as Takis and Lilt wheel dead bodies past
    Part Three: In some versions, the Doctor tells Peri she is in great danger and in others, Davros orders the Daleks to kill the DJ

    Quite exciting really? Does anyone know the other episodes I've not listed?

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    I've since found out that Part Three of The Mark of the Rani is the Doctor asking Luke where Stephenson is and Part Three of Timelash is Peri being threatened by the Morlox.

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    They do sound rather awful. Shame nobody thought that they might be split that way at the time!

    And I can't imagine the Two Doctors going on over six weeks. That sounds thoroughly punishing.
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    Mind you, at least on the Horror Channel repeats for Colin Baker's episodes, they try and make some interesting cliffhangers. The Two Doctors ends on that station with Peri collapsing, but sadly they then had Oscar and Peri shrugging at each other as the Doctor walked off to the Hacienda!

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