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    Default The Harry Hill Movie!
    Here’s the first officially released image from the set of The Harry Hill Movie, shooting now for a release “at the end of the year.” That’s Hill as Harry Hill and Matt Lucas as his evil twin Otto Hill, apparently between takes.

    As far as I can make out, The Harry Hill Movie won’t simply be a string of non sequiturs and surreal sight gags, it will be a string of non sequitirs and surreal sight gags loosely arranged around a nonsensical plot. If you’ve read Hill’s novel, Flight from Deathrow, you’ll already have some idea how he approaches long-form storytelling. “Fearlessly,” I think we can say. I hope that director Steve Bendelack can keep pace with Hill’s invention and deviation.

    Broadly speaking, though, the film’s plot appears to be road movie fare. Harry sets off to Blackpool after he learns his Hamster, Abu, has only a week to live…

    …and I’m already failing to quite grasp the cause and effect. Maybe the Blackpool Illuminations have some medicinal properties? Maybe it’s a quality of life thing? Still, there’s a puppet rodent in this film called Abu Hamster. That’ll do for a start.

    Julie Waters will also be hitting the road as Harry’s petrol-drinking nan and along the way they’ll somehow cross paths with Sheridan Smith as a love-interest character “made out of shells.” There are also roles for Jim Broadbent, Julian Barratt, Marc Wootton, The Magic Numbers and Simon Bird.

    Bird is apparently playing “a lunatic vet.” I’ll bet you now that a third act twist reveals him to be a good guy, chasing our heroes for benign and hamster-saving reasons.

    Well, maybe. I’m sure everything will end in a big song and dance number, anyway, be that on the beaches of Blackpool or in the fluffy clouds of hamster heaven.
    Blimey! It sounds rather wonderful! I'll definitely be going to see this!

    I've just got my handcuffs and my truncheon and that's enough.

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    Good grief! That does sound good...
    Pity. I have no understanding of the word. It is not registered in my vocabulary bank. EXTERMINATE!

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