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    Default Which Is More Exciting - New New or Old New?

    We've got the 50th Anniversary Special coming up in just ABOUT FOUR MONTHS!!!! which is flipping ages, but anyway it's still exciting. At least two Doctors! Some business with some things that have been seen on the internet! Wouldn't it be a shock if John Hurt wasn't actually in it at all and that the end of the last episode was a total throwaway!

    In another realm of reality, we've had Missing Episodes rumours boiling around, threatening to make everyone look foolish for a) believing them or b) not believing them. Who knows if there's a giant crate somewhere stacked with every episode from Marco Polo to The Space Pirates and the only reason that the BBC can't have it is because they won't let some guy be credited on the DVD release?!

    But which is more exciting? New New episodes, or Old New episodes?

    Pity. I have no understanding of the word. It is not registered in my vocabulary bank. EXTERMINATE!

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    I mis-read this as simply "Is New Who more exciting than Old Who?"...

    To answer that question, I think the New Series probably is more exciting overall, but I still prefer Classic!

    As for the poll, I have chosen 'New Old Episodes' as its far more of a revalation than actually making a new episode.

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    Old series Who is far more exciting, and the prospect of seeing old sixties episodes is a hundred times more alluring than the 50th Anniversary Special, which I no longer care about.

    Also only people who DON'T believe the rumours can look stupid. You can never prove that Marco Polo doesn't exist, but if it ever comes back then I can laugh in your face.


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    As much as I'm a much bigger fan of Classic vs Nu Hoo, I'm going to court controversy by picking the 50th Anniversary.
    I'd be overjoyed if we did get even one old episode back (mmmm - maybe not Space Pirates), but I have to be excited that there is the potential for the 50th Special to be great - really great - almost 5 Doctors great. It ought to be the best New Series episode at least.

    Of course, there's also some potential for the Moff to create a story so disappointing that it finishes me off....
    Bazinga !

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    I would be far more excited to see Evil of the Daleks, Fury from the Deep, or even stories that I don't rate that highly, such as The Massacre come back, than to see whatever Moffat may come up with for the 50th - more because I'm not keen on his vision of Doctor Who, than anything else.

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