Well if ever there was a time for getting back into musical instruments you can play. Back on the Bass.
Usually I post an example and then... Do nothing! So I've set targets of actually getting up there and performing my bass tunes at an open mic!
Won't be singing. Will be instrumental self written stuff as always. Off and on I played for about half an hour today. Need to increase that. Off by heart know three tunes I've written. It's reintroducing the stuff from top of wardrobes all cobwebby with ink that never faded thanks to the gloom.
Anyway it's not about me.
Guitar, keyboard, singing, violin, drumming, brass or woodwind . Make ten minutes this Sunday and play. If you don't come back to it, play for twenty minutes on Monday. And if you don't come back to playing directly after those twenty minutes then on Wednesday etc
Have a great September and of course will not play during national minutes silence.